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I recently joined travel bloggers from around the world in a post about the various Christmas traditions from around the world.  Part one of the series includes countries like Germany, USA, Russia and Croatia.  You can read the full post on Its a Travelful Life’s page.  Below is my contribution on Christmas in Australia.


Whilst Hollywood would have you all dreaming about white Christmas, this couldn’t be further from reality for Christmas in Australia! 


With temperatures averaging anywhere from the high 20s to the high 30s you will find the average Australian family in their togs (“swimmers” for the non Australians) by the pool or at the beach cooling off as opposed to being around the fire place watching snowflakes float to the ground.


Australians love getting into the Christmas spirit well before the big day.  In the weeks leading up to Christmas day all Australian families put up huge traditional Christmas trees complete with beautifully decorated ornaments.  Many Australian love to go crazy with outdoor lights and Christmas displays encouraging children from all over town to come and ohhhh and ahhh at their over the top displays.


On the night of Christmas Eve, families prepare for the big day by putting out a plate of biscuits and a cold beer for Santa, whilst Rudolph is left a carrot and water.  Stocking are put out in hope of being filled to the brim by the morning.

On Christmas Day, Mums and Dads are usually woken up far too early by children excited at all the presents Santa has left for them the night before.


Usually after breakfast families pack up their cars and meet with their extended families including Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and Cousins for huge lunches which include seafood buffets or cold roast meats, salads and desserts.  Usually the location for Christmas lunch is chosen based on which family member has a pool, or a large living area with air-conditioning so everyone can keep cool.  The day is spent eating far too much food, talking and laughing, spending quality time with family members not seen often enough throughout the year.  After lunch families return to their respective homes, with children usually asleep in the back of the car after such a long day.


Soon after Christmas Day, many Australian families go on family holidays, with a popular choice being camping on one of Australia’s gorgeous beaches.  Families spend their Christmas holidays catching up with families, drinking beer, having barbeques, watching cricket and keeping cool.

toddler friendly holidays


An Australian Christmas is a wonderful time to spend with family and see little children’s eye light up with joy as they experience the magic of Christmas.


What special Christmas traditions do you have in your country?  Or in your family?  I’d love to hear them – if you  would like to share please leave them in the comments below.


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