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One of our biggest expenses when we travel is food.  Particularly if you travel with children, you may find yourself always having to purchase various snacks for them.  We always take snacks with us to save money and in this guest blog post by Nicole, she shares with us some of her tips on how to provide healthy snacks for your children when you travel.



Do your kids seem to eat more on vacation? Or they are asking for something to eat 20 minutes after you have completed your family meal? I know my kids always seem to eat more on holiday.  This seems to be universal for families that travel.  If you don’t want to be stuck buying french fries from McDonald’s or something equally unhealthy, here are some ideas for packing healthy snacks for your family.  We have found that these snacks work great for both road trips and airplane journeys.


First a few things to consider:


  • The snack must be healthy. You are on vacation, but you don’t want to fill your kids with empty calories or sugar.


  • The snack must be portable. Easy to pack, won’t crush or smoosh easily, and lasts a long time.  Yogurt is a great snack from the fridge, but not so easy to eat on the road.


  • The snack must be mess free. Apple sauce sound great until the you realize that you need a spoon to eat it, or see that your child is already wearing it.


Fruit Snacks

I love fresh fruit, but know that it isn’t always practical.  Bananas and grapes get squished easily. Kids that like apple slices might not want to eat a whole apple. You have to peel oranges as well.  Fruit is a perfectly imperfect snack to bring for kids.


If we can’t eat the fresh fruit immediately, I would rather bring dried or dehydrated fruit that we make in our food dehydrator.  It is crisp and not messy to eat.  Plus, it travels well.  Some of our favorites are banana chips, fruit leathers, strawberry slices, and dried mango.


Beefy Jerky


Another family favorite is beef jerky. It is full of protein and when you make it at home, it doesn’t have all those chemicals or preservatives.  Beef jerky is easy to make in a food dehydrator as well. It can also be a part of a meal substitute if you are in a jam.  When we are flying, I always bring some as my kids rarely like the meals served on airplanes and who can blame them!




We prefer to bring raw nuts like cashews or almonds for a snack.  But smoked almonds can also be nice.  It is wise to steer clear of nuts that are salted.  The salt makes children thirsty, which leads to more bathroom stops in the long run.  If you mix some nuts with dried fruit, you will have a great trail mix snack that is high in protein, good fats, and fiber.


Nicole is passionate about healthy eating and travel.  Nicole is the vacation planner in her family. She has 2 children who always seem to be hungry, so she always includes snacks in her planning. Before big trips, you can find her in the kitchen preparing food to keep her family healthy and happy.  See more of Nicole’s ideas for healthy snacks here.




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