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Recently I kept seeing these great pictures coming up in my Instagram feed.  These pictures were of kids travelling off the beaten track through Asia.  The photographs were bright, cheerful and made me feel happy and inspired to get out and travel the world with my daughter.  I was quite surprised that every time I clicked on these photos they were from the same account – Hola La Family.


Not only did I love the photographs they were posting but I loved what they were saying.  For example on one photograph where a small girl is pictured with four smiling Cambodian women it says:


Let’s meet new people.  This is her first encounter in Cambodia.  Lucky us, we don’t need to rush. Wherever we go, we take the time to talk to the people in the streets, drivers, waiters, stallholders, or the people that we encounter and hear about the country from their perspective. They have genuine insights and truths that you will never read about online. That human vibe is simply the biggest part of our family travel”.



So I decided to find out who were the Hola La Family and what are they all about.  I was so pleased when they agreed to be my first interview for my brand new blog.  So here we have it – let’s meet the Hola La Family!


Who are the Hola la Family?


The mother of this travelling tribe.  She is the dreamer, passionate about travelling to new places and learning from her travel experiences whether it be via herself as an individual or her family as a whole.  She loves discovering new ways of living and thinking.



Also known as Dad in this tribe.  He is the accountant and travel organiser.  He has the job of finding the best deals for flights, accommodation and food.  Keeping the family budget on track.



Crazy and enthusiast 5 year old girl – always ready to jump everywhere and ready to explore new places.



3 year old boy who is also an expert in transportation.  He is an expert on tuktuks, buses, trains, boats and planes.  His preferred mode of transport is on Dad’s shoulders.


Did Yannick & Camilo travel before having kids?


Before Alanna and Tiago came along, Yannick and Camilo lived and worked in the Caribbean, Dominican Republic, Dominica and Indonesia (OMG are they kidding this sounds like my dreams!!!).


Yannick and Camilo have also travelled to the Netherlands, France, Italy, Singapore and the USA before having kids.


Where was the Hola La family’s first overseas trip?


Given the Hola La Families Belgian / Colombian heritage and with family in both countries, their first overseas trip was to Colombia when Alanna was just 6 months old.


What are the Hola La Family’s current travel plans?


Currently the family are travelling in Asia after leaving home in September 2016 for 1 year travel.


The family sold almost everything they owned and flew to Asia.  So far they have travelled to Hong Kong, Java, Bali, Singapore, India and are currently in Cambodia.  They then plan to visit Taiwan and back to Hong Kong.


Next year the family are planning to head to Australia, New Zealand and the USA.


What’s the Hola La Family’s travel style?


The Hola La Family travels on a tight budget and like to travel slow.  They are in no rush at all to see what the world has to offer.  They make no reservations which gives them a great sense of freedom.


The beauty of this style of travel is it allows them to experience the destination as opposed to visit it like a tourist.  Simple things liking taking public transport and chatting with the neighbours allows the family to really experience the destination and get a better feel for its all about.  The family stayed in home stays in Indonesia and India which really added to their experience.


How do the Hola La Family fund their travels?


Prior to commencing their travels, the Hola La Family saved up and have used these funds to pay for their travels so far.


In Australia and New Zealand they plan to work in exchange for accommodation and food by using websites such as Workaway.



What do the Hola La Family love about travelling with children?


Yannick says she loves her kid’s boundless enthusiasm, sense of humour, open minds and endless questions.



What challenges do the Hola La family face travelling with children?


Yannick says that the challenges they face with travelling with children are:


  • respecting their rhythm, including nap time


  • Getting food the kids will like, for example non spicy food – which they have found particularly challenging in Asia.


  • Finding a toilet before it’s too late ( I loved this one – been there before!!)


What are the Hola La family’s favourite destinations?


When I asked Yannick this question she couldn’t pick just one – which I get – I always struggle when people ask me this too – so she picked two:




Yannick says Colombia is a wonderful place to travel with kids.  She says the people are incredibly friendly and that the nature is well-preserved, particularly the mountain ranges of La Cordillera.


She recommends the North Coast (such as Cartagena and Santa Marta), saying it’s an amazing place to explore historically and culturally and  that big cities like Bogotá or Medellín have plenty for kids to see and do.


Lastly Yannick says that the Colombian food is delicious and easy for children.


Sri Lanka


The Hola La family loved their recent trip to Sri Lanka.  Yannick says the kids particularly loved the wildlife.  The family stayed close to a mangrove river and saw an incredible diversity of animals in the wild, particularly birds such as pelicans, hanging parrots, Sri Lanka magpies, yellow eared bulbuls as well as squirrels, monkeys, varans, mongooses, turtles, snakes, peacocks, and even more impressive crocodile and elephants.


The Hola La Family’s Favourite Photos


I asked Yannick if she would share 3 of her favourite photographs and tell me what she loves about them:


Photo 1


Yannick loves this photo as she loves how much the Sri Lankans love the ocean.   The Hola La family had a wonderful time on the Sri Lankan beaches.


Photo 2


When asked why she choose this picture she said “Our children meeting with other children from all over the world is part of the philosophy of our travel.  No big expectations here, we know they are just kid’s but somehow we believe it might be a way to help them to grow with spirit of openness”.


Photo 3


About this photograph Yannick says “We are amazed how relax and interested our kids were while visiting (Hindu and Buddhists) temples.  There’s so much to see and learn”.


If you would like to follow the Hola La Family on Instagram and be inspired by their wonderful photographs you can find them at https://www.instagram.com/hola_lafamily/


If you are a family who loves to travel and would like to be featured here on my blog, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


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