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To reach Hanoi from Brisbane we require a 9 hour stopover over in Singapore’s Changi Airport.  If you must have a long stop over in any airport – this is definitely the airport to have it in!  While there are certainly plenty of things for kids to do at Singapore Changi Airport, for a long stop over why not book into one of the transit hotels in Singapore Airport?

Transit Hotels in Singapore's Airport

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Depending upon your budget there are a few different options for staying in a hotel within the airport.  There are 2 hotels – The Ambassador Transit Hotel (located in terminal 2 and 3) or the Aerotel Airport Transit Hotel (located within terminal 1).  Both hotels are priced similarly so which hotel you stay in really depends upon which terminal your plane comes into or is leaving from.  Both hotels also offer single rooms, double rooms or family rooms.  You can also book single rooms which have a common bathroom – these rooms are the cheapest rooms you can book starting at around S$55.  The Aerotel Airport Transit Hotel does have an outdoor swimming pool if your feeling like a swim – but you pay extra for this!

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Transit Hotels in Singapore's Airport

The Ambassador Hotel

We have stayed at the Ambassador Transit Hotel and are staying there again for our stop over on the way to Vietnam.  The cost for a triple room is $205 AUD .  This may seem like a lot of money to spend on a hotel for 9 hours, but I personally don’t think it is ideal to spend 9 hours in an airport with a small child, particularly after a 8 hour flight and with another 3.5 hour flight to go.  In the long run spending $205 is well worth it as everyone will be well refreshed and ready for the next flight after a sleep.

The hotel rooms are certainly not budget classed rooms but are fairly basic in that there is not much more than a bed, TV and bathroom.  The rooms also include WiFi and tea and coffee making facilities.  Room prices start as low as S$55 (common bathroom facilities) for 6 hours in their budget room and you pay extra for every hour past this.

The great things about staying in a hotel within the airport is you don’t have to go through customs or pick up your bags (so make sure you pack whatever you need for the hotel in your hand luggage).  It’s only a few minute walk to the hotel and then back to the gate ready for your next flight – so you can really maximise your stay at the hotel.  Your welcome to come and go as you please from the hotel and look around the shops in the airport if you wish.  However we usually just go straight to the hotel, shower and then go to sleep before our next flight.  I will provide a full review, including photographs of the Ambassador Transit Hotel  after our stay.

If you are interested in booking a stay at the hotel you can check out the latest prices and book the Ambassador Transit Hotel on booking.com.

If your stop over is short, or you don’t want to spend the money on a hotel room, there is plenty of things to do in the airport to pass the time.  See the Singapore Changi Airport webpage for things to do during your layover.

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