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I’m Melissa and with my family, I love to travel the world as much as possible!

We have always had a passion for travelling, exploring new destinations and making friends across the world. Whilst based in Australia, between us we have travelled to 35 different counties and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon! We travel mostly around school holidays as well as short trips throughout the year.

Melissa is the main driving force behind the Thrifty Family Travels brand. Prior to becoming a full time blogger, Melissa worked in Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management for almost 20 years. Working in this profession has given Melissa a fantastic foundation to not only provide practical advice to busy working families but also the professional business skills to partner with a range of brands and provide high quality deliverables in a timely fashion every time.

Since becoming a full time blogger, Melissa has become somewhat of an expert in SEO (search engine optimization) and knows what it takes to get an article to rank highly on Google. She is now a highly sought after SEO writer, writing for some off the most successful bloggers across the globe.


Through Thrifty Family Travels we provide information on family friendly destinations across the globe. We focus on affordable family travel; not necessarily the cheapest travel but rather provide tips on how families can spend their travel dollar wisely, without every compromising on experience.

Through our blog and various social media platforms, we inspire other families to explore adventurous destinations as well as the more traditional family friendly tourist attractions.

Thrifty Family Travels is a travel website providing travel tips, advice and great stories about exciting destinations around the world. It is aimed at the everyday travel loving couples and families with children who want to find the best travel deals and experiences. We take the guess work out of if by trying things out and doing the research for them. Every travel adventure includes experiencing the local culture, eating well, sampling local drinks, and seeing all the sights!


Since our inception in October 2016, we have become one of Australia’s largest family travel blogs and have a world wide following made up mostly of busy families who like to holiday both locally and internationally multiple times per year.

Thrifty Family Travels draws readers from a wide range of platforms, including a direct subscriber base and social media channels including Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram. Our audience is predominately females between the age of 25 to 44, with children from Australia, USA, UK and Singapore.


Are you a destination, a hotel, a restaurant, an exciting activity, or a travel brand? Or maybe you offer great travel products like bags, shoes or camera. If it’s the right fit, let’s promote it to our Thrifty Family Travels tribe!

The digital market offers a longevity which traditional media simply cannot offer. Unlike traditional media which is expensive, short lived and unable to reach a specific audience, through targeted SEO keywords, our content reaches your potential customers whilst they undertake research for their travel; today and for many years to come. This provides businesses with an affordable way to reach their customers that in the past simply was not possible.

Through our authentic, down to earth approach, our audience trusts our opinion and acts on our recommendations whether that be for destinations, accommodation, activities or products.


We can assist you in promoting your destination, hotel, attraction or product to your potential customers in a variety of ways:

Destination Guides: We can promote your destination to our audience via our comprehensive destination guides which include attractions, recommended hotels, restaurants and how to get around. Everything a family needs to plan their trip.

Accommodation / Tour / Attraction / Product Review: Let us provide a detailed review of your hotel or attraction on our blog.

Social Media Campaigns: Wecan promote your destination, hotel, attraction or product through our social media channels. Alternatively let us provide you new content for your own social media or take over your social media channels.

Freelance Content: We love talking about travel and would love to craft a high quality, SEO, original content for your website or publication.

SEO Consultation: Melissa is a highly sought after freelance SEO writer, writing for some of the most successful bloggers across the world. Let her help you get your website to rank on Google. Talk to us about the various SEO services she provides.

Advertising: Use our blog or social media to advertise your event, tour or hotel.

Competitions: Competitions are a great way to improve brand awareness or increase interest in your product. Let us run a competition for you.

Other Services: Press Trips, Sponsored Posts and In-Post Links.


If you are interested in partnering with us, please contact Melissa at She can assist you working out the best way forward and provide a package to suit your individual goals.

You can click the link to download our Media Kit. Please email us for our most current Media Kit.


We have worked with close to 100 different companies including tourism boards, airlines, hotels, attractions, tours, restaurants and a range of travel related products. For a sample of some of the brands we have worked with download our Media Kit