Are you a blogger and would like to guest post on Thrifty Family Travels?  Provided you meet a couple of guidelines we would love you to guest post for us.

Why Write for Thrifty Family Travels?

  • We have a combined social media following of almost 1000,000 people, all guest posts will be promoted across all our social media on a egular basis, so you will have the opportunity to increase your own following;
  • We will link to your blog and up to 2 other pages on your blog from the guest post, therefore assisting your link building strategy; and
  • Currently our DA is 36 – this is a great opportunity to receive links to your blog, particularly if you have a lower DA and / or are a relatively new blogger.

Our Guidelines:

Before you send us an email, please ensure you can abide by the following:

  • You must be an actual blogger, preferably family travel blogger, but not necessary, provided you can write about a travel destination that is great for kids and you yourself have an actual blog you are welcome to pitch us;
  • Your guest post must be about a destination not already covered on the Thrifty Family Travels website – or you can write about a destination from a different perspective.  Use the destination menu and check whether an article exists on the country or city you wish to write about. Currently our website is top heavy on Australia and SE Asia destinations and we are in desperate need of content from Europe and USA although you are welcome to write about places in Australia and SE Asia if we have not covered them;
  • Post format – its our preference that posts are “things to with kids in X” style of posts, with tips on getting around, how much things costs and where to stay.  To get an idea of the style of posts we prefer you check this out as an example.  It does not have to be just like this, but something along those lines would be great;
  • You must be able to provide at least 5 high quality photographs.  Photographs must be 1000 px on the long edge and fully optimized for uploading to our website (please ensure your images are compressed to less than 150 kb).  You must also provide permission for these images to be used in promoting the post across our various social media platforms;
  • Your guest post must be at least 1500 words long, original content (you can not copy and paste the article on your blog or anywhere else) and provide informative information to our readers;
  • You will promote the article across all of your social media platforms;
  • You must be able to provide a short bio about yourself and your blog;
  • Your post must be proof read before you send it to us (although don’t panic none of us are perfect!); and
  • Your post should contain headings and short paragraphs.

If are able to abide by the above guidelines, please email us at with your idea first.  Please do not send us any draft posts before seeking approval from us first.

Please note that we may change your post slightly for SEO purposes, to add our own affiliate links or other links as we see fit.

Just so there is no confusion, this is not a paid opportunity, this is purely for bloggers who wish to guest post.  If you are a company seeking a sponsored post, please email me and I will send you our rate sheet.

Now we have all the technical stuff out of the way, we would love for you to guest post for us and look forward to hearing from you.