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The Brisbane Ekka


Between Friday 10 August to Sunday 19 August, thousands of local families will visit the annual Brisbane Ekka!


Whilst we all know the Ekka prices tent to be a little on the expensive side, there are a stack of great family friendly activities that are completely FREE!!  In this guide, check out the top 20 FREE activities to do with your kids at the 2018 Brisbane Ekka.  Plus I tell you how to get discount Ekka tickets!


Keep reading to see how you can save up to $5 for each Ekka ticket!  Can’t wait?  Click here for your discounted Ekka tickets.


The Best Free Things to do at the Brisbane Ekka


1. Watch the Racing Pigs Dive into a Pool of Water


Kids of all ages will love watching the Heritage Bank Racing Pigs!  Watch these pigs fly through the sky and dive right into a pool of water.  These little pigs even hold the Guinness Book of Records for the longest dive by a pig!


See the Heritage Bank Racking Pigs daily at 11am, 12pm, 1.30pm, 2.30pm, 3.30pm at the Stockman’s Rest.


2. See Your Favourite Farmyard Friends Dance & Sing


The little tots will love seeing their farmyard favourites take the stage with a variety of kid friendly versions of top 40 songs as well as learn about some interesting agricultural facts.


See the Farmyard Friends perform daily at the Community Stage at 3pm.


3. Cuddle Your Favourite Animals at the RACQ Animal Nursery


No visit to the Ekka with kids is completed without spending some time in the RACQ animal nursery.  Here the kids can pat, feed and cuddle super cute baby farm animals including calves, lambs, ducklings, chooks and goats.


The RACQ Animal nursery can be found on Animal Boulevard daily and is open between 9 am to 5 pm.


4. Learn How Food gets from the Field to the Fork


Kids will love learning how food gets from the field to their fork at this interactive exhibit.  Let the kids get their hands dirty as they dig through the farmers patch looking for a variety of vegetables, plant seeds as well as get to learn about composting.  They can even take part in a cooking class!


To join in the fun at Field to Fork, visit the Agricultural hall daily between 9 am to 6pm.


5. Have a Belly Laugh with the Crack Up Sisters


The whole family will get a good giggle out of the Crack Up Sisters.  These two ladies will have you in stitches as they tell funny stories about the Australian country as well as do a bit of whip cracking and slapstick acrobatics.


See the Crack Up Sisters at the Community Stage daily at 1.30pm, 2.30pm and 3.30pm.


6. Discover all things Water


At the Seqwater stand kids can learn ways to conserve water through interactive activities.  Kids can also play in the unique sandpits which use sensor detecting changes which allow you to build hills, valleys, lakes and even simulate rainfall.


Mum and Dad can even try a coffee brewed with desalinated water and the whole family can capture the memories in the photo booth.


Visit the Seqwater stand in the Agriculture hall daily.


7. Sing and Dance at the Farmer Rob Show


This one is for the littlies who love to sing and dance.  With the help of his puppet friends Farmer Rob will teach the kids about life on the farm through stories as well song and dance.


Visit Farmer Rob at the Community Stage daily at 10.30am, 11.30am and 12.30pm.


8. Be Amazed by Praying Mantis and Lady Bug Stilt Walkers


Check out the brightly coloured and amazing Lady Bug and Praying Mantis Stilt Walkers as they dance and wander around the Ekka.  You may even be lucky enough to get a picture with one of them!


You can see the Stilt Walkers at Gregory Terrace daily, with the Lady Bugs appearing at at 11.30 am and 12.30pm and the Praying Mantis appearing at 1.30pm and 4pm.


9. See the Dogs on Show


Go see the puppies parade, run and jump as they show of their talents in the Canine Competition.  There will be over 200 different breeds to admire.


Check out these cute canines at the Dog Pavilion between 9 am to 5pm.


10. Go Behind the Scenes at Channel 7 Studios


The kids as well as Mum and Dad will love getting behind the scenes of the 7 LIVE Studios at the Ekka.  You can pose like a Chaser on the set of the Chase or read the news behind the 7 News desk as well as look around the Home and Away set.

The Brisbane Ekka


You might even be lucky enough to meet a celebrity at one of the meet and greets which is held at 11 am and 2.30 pm on 10, 11, 12, 15, 18 and 19 August.


Visit the 7 LIVE Studios daily on 10, 11, 12, 15, 18 and 19 August between 9 am and 6pm.


11. Watch Strong Men and Women Arm Wrestle


The whole family will love watching these strong men and women battle it out to be the Australian Arm-wrestling Champion.  There are over 40 competitors in three different weight classes in this seat gripping competition.


Catch all the excitement down at the XXX Stockmen’s Bar & Grill on 11th August between 12 to 5pm.



12. Join the Ekka Learning Trail


School aged kids will love getting involved in the Ekka Learning Trail.  There are 10 locations (see below) the kids need to visit and at each location they will be given a letter.  Collect all the letters to spell a code word and go in the draw to win a prize.  Click here for the entry form.


  • Trail Point 1:Agricultural Hall presented by seqwater – meet you at the dam
  • Trail Point 2:Agricultural Hall presented by seqwater – meet a fish
  • Trail Point 3:Queensland Government Precinct – meet the Get Ready team
  • Trail Point 4:The Old Museum – meet a scarecrow
  • Trail Point 5:Woolworths Fresh Food Pavilion – meet the food
  • Trail Point 6:Horse Breeds Expo – meet a horse
  • Trail Point 7:Dog Pavilion – meet a show dog
  • Trail Point 8:The CRT Pavilion – meet a cow
  • Trail Point 9:The CRT Pavilion – meet a chook
  • Trail Point 10:Woodchop Arena – meet a woodchopper


13. See the Karaoke Championships


If you love watching a bit of karaoke, get along to the I-Sing Karaoke National Championships.  The winner of this competition will compete in the finals in France in September.


The Karaoke Championships is on the 12 August between 10 am to 6pm at the XXXX Stockmen’s Bar & Grill.


14. Join in for some Boot Scooting Fun


Families who love a bit of boot scooting, need to head down to the Line Dancing Hoedown.  Whether you want to join in or just watch on you will no doubt be toe tapping along to some great country tunes.


The Line Dancing Hoedown is on 15 August from 12pm to 4 pm at the XXXX Stockmen’s Bar & Grill.


15. See a Performance from the Carole King Musical


If you can’t get along to the Carole King Musical, the next best thing is at the Ekka!  The cast of the musical will be performing hit songs from the musical.


You can see the cast of the Carola King Musical on 10 August at the Entertainment and Fashion Precinct at 12pm and 1pm.


16. Watch the Dagwood Eating Competition


I’m pretty it’s a rule that you must eat a Dagwood dog at the Ekka, but how about entering the Dagwood Dog eating competition?  Apparently, the man to beat is “Hulk Smash Food”, Australia’s number one ranked pro-competitive eater, who can apparently eat 6 large Dagwood dogs in less than 60 seconds!


The Dagwood dog competition is on Sunday 19 August at the XXXX Stockmen’s Bar and Grill between 12.30pm to 2.30pm.


17. Watch the Wool Shearing Championships


If you love a bit of Australiana get down to see the best sheep shearers in Queensland battle it out at the Queensland State Shearing Championships.


The Queensland Shearing Championships is being held 18 August at the Expo Place between 11am to 12.45pm.


18. Watch the Sheep Dog Trials


After you have seen the sheep sheared, check out the Sheep being rounded up at the sheep dog tirals.  Here you will see these clever canines compete as they are judged on their speed and skill.


19. Visit the RSPCA Qld Education Unit


Animal loving kids will love the chance to visit the RSPA mobile unit where kids can learn about animal welfare.  The guys from the RSCPA will give daily talks on reptiles as well as general pet care.


The RSCPA unit will be at the Old Museum Precinct daily between the hours of 9 am and 5pm.


20. See the Spectacular Fireworks Display


Of course, the main even at the Ekka is the speculator fireworks display.  This year the theme is ‘celebrating all things Australian” with the fireworks said to be colours representing the various colours of the outback.


I love how they have an earlier fireworks display on for the kids at 6.05 pm, with this year’s kids fireworks being set to songs the kids will know and love.


Ekka Tips


If you’re heading into the Ekka this year, here are a few tips to make your day a bit easier.


  • Download an Ekka map here, and have a bit of plan as to where you are going to go and make note of the times of any shows you want to see.


  • When you first arrive take the kids to the Ekka Police Station at the marquee on Gregory Terrace and the Police will give you a wrist band where you can write your details on and put the band on your kids so in the case that you get separated you can find each other again. If you don’t want to do this, just write your phone number on your kids arm in nicko pen.


  • To save even more money, bring in your own lunch and drinks – this is allowed and will save you heaps of money!


  • Take a big backpack, even if you don’t intend on buying show bags, there are heaps of freebies at the Ekka and you will be soon carrying a stack of stuff. Much easier to be able to store it all in your backpack.


Getting to the Ekka


First up I highly recommend you take public transport to the Ekka, preferably a train.  There is a train station right in the middle of the Ekka.


Plan your journey here on the Translink website.  If you have your Ekka tickets already you can get discounted travel tickets – $6 for adults and $3 for children return.


Get Discount Tickets


Don’t pay full price for your Ekka tickets!!!  Use my link below and purchase your tickets from the attraction website Klook where you will save up to $5 per ticket.  Check out the savings:


 Ekka Ticket PriceKlook Ticket PriceSave 
Adults$35$30$5Buy Now
Children$20$17$3Buy Now
Family Pass (2 adults & 2 children)$80$68$12Buy Now
1 Adult & 1 Child $45$38.50$6.50Buy Now


Click here to buy your discounted 2018 Ekka tickets now!


Please note that this post contains affiliate links, which means that should make any bookings using my links, I may be paid a small commission at no extra cost to you.  This allows me to provide this information free of charge – thank you for supporting our website.

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