Things to do in Wengen, Switzerland

Things to do in Wengen, Switzerland

During our recent 2 weeks in Switzerland we spent a few days in the gorgeous village of Wengen, which is in the Jungfrau Ski Region.  Even though we are not skiers, we had a fabulous few days checking out all the things to do in Wengen as well as the surrounding area.

If you’re planning your Wengen holidays and wondering what to do in Wengen with the family, then you’re going to find this guide helpful.  In this guide, I detail all the places to visit in Wengen with children of varying ages, from tiny toddlers to teenagers, some great day trips from Wengen, as well as how to get to Wengen and recommendations for family friendly Wengen hotels.

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Where is Wengen?

Wengen is a stunning little mountain village, located at 4180 feet just above Lauterbrunnen.   You can’t take your vehicle to Wengen as there are no public access roads, so the only way to get to Wengen is via cog railway or hiking trail.

Things to do in Wengen, Switzerland

There are a broad range of activities to do in the Wengen Village such as ski, snowboard and hiking, but also given how charming the village is, it’s a lovely place to simply relax.  However below I have detailed some of the activities you can enjoy whilst taking your holidays in Wengen as well as some tips on some day trips.

1. Skiing and Sledding

What to do in Wengen

If you’re new to skiing or want to improve on your skills, there are a range of snow schools in Wengen as well as some smaller ski slopes which are perfect for both skiing and sledding.  The slopes within the village where plenty big enough for Myla and I to sled on.

However, if you’re skills are a little more advance then ours, there are 206 kilometres of ski slopes around Wengen in the nearby areas of Grindelwald-First, Kleine Scheidegg-Mannlichen and Murren-Schilthron:

  • Kleine Scheidegg-Mannlichen: (Pictured above) This region has over 100 kms of slopes and 30 kms of sled runs and hiking trails. This area is very close to Wengen and easy to reach by cog railway or cable car from Wengen.
  • Grindelwald-First: This region has over 60 kms of slops and 40 kms of paths and sled runs and is best reached by cable car from Grindelwald.
  • Murren-Schilthron: At 3000m above sea level this is the highest ski region in the region and includes 51 kms of ski slopes. From Wengen, this ski area is reached by a combination of cog rail and cable car.

You can hire everything you need including snow gear right from within the Wengen Village.   We hired a sled and snow clothes for Myla for a few days which was well worth it. It was super fun taking the sled out whenever we went into town.  Our hotel was at the bottom of a hill so it was great fun at the end of the day sledding home. 

Get tips for skiing with a baby here or click here for tips on teaching toddlers to ski.

 2. Day Trip to Schilthorn – Piz Goria

Day trips from Wengen - Schilthorn

A great day trip from Wengen is to visit Schilthorn, the mountain which has been made famous in the 007 Bond “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”.Getting to Schilthorn from Wengen you will need to take the cog wheel train down to Lauterbrunnen and then a bus to Stechelberg which is where the terminal is for the cable cars up to Schilthorn. 

The journey is super easy, just download the SBB Mobile App and use this to map out the trip.

There are various stops at Schilthorn with plenty to see at each one:

  • Piz Gloria: At 2970 m above sea level, this is the very top. Here you will find fantastic views of the Swiss Skyline including views of Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau.  This is also where you will find Bond World, which surprisingly is pretty cool, it’s very interactive and great for the entire family.
  • Birg: This is the middle stop and includes the Skyline/Thrill Walk – which is a path way that clings to the cliff face.  There are various paths to choose from including some made from glass and grates for that added adrenaline rush.  There is also an igloo here where you can have a drink or something to eat.
  • Murren: The first stop on route which is great for those wanting to explore the village of Murren or go sledding.

When we went recently in winter, it was heavily snowing and so we didn’t get to see too much of the view.  Nevertheless, what we could see was absolutely spectacular. 

We spent a few hours here exploring each cable car stop as well as having lunch.

Tickets to Schilthron are not cheap!  From Lauterbrunnen an adult ticket will set you back 105 CHF and a child ticket is 52.50 CHF – click here to purchase tickets online.

However if you have Swiss Travel Pass s the entire trip will be covered!  Yep that’s right completely free!!  Click here to purchase a Swiss Travel Pass and save!!!

3. Day Trip to Jungfraujoch

Lucerne Jungfrau Tour

One of the most popular mountain day trips in Switzerland is a Jungfrau tour to the Top of Europe.   You can take the top of Europe train to Europe’s highest train station at 3500 m above sea level which is nestled among ice, snow and rocks.

Getting to Jungfraujoch from Wengen is pretty easy, as all you need to do is take the train to nearby Kleine Scheidegg.  From Kleine Scheidegg you will take the cogwheel train to Jungfraujoch.   Download the SBB Mobile App and use this to map out the trip.

The journey on the cogwheel train to Jungfraujoch is spectacular in itself.  No matter what time of the year, winter or summer the views are amazing.  I’ve been at both times of the year and was just in awe of the views.

Once you reach the top there is plenty of things to do in Jungfraujoch including: 

  • Snow Fun Park: enjoy various activities such as snow tubing, sledding, flying fox, snowboarding and skiing. Everything you need can be hired right here;
  • Alpine Sensation: Shows the history of the Jungfrau Railway as well as a memorial to the miners who lost their lives in building the railway;
  • Sphinx Observation Terrace: Take the lift to the summit and experience out of this world panoramic views across the Aletsch Glacier – Europe’s longest glacier as well as snow-capped mountain peaks from neighbouring countries and the world-famous triple peaks of Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau; and
  • Ice Palace: stroll through the ice tunnels which were first created in 1930 by mountain guides with nothing more than ice picks. These tunnels go right through the Aletsch Glacier and feature various ice sculptures.

Please note that some of the Jungfraujoch activities may be closed due to weather conditions. When we went recently in winter it didn’t take us too long to go through all the attractions, as things like the Snow Fun Park are closed.  I think we spent around 2 hours exploring the attractions.  However when I went some years ago during the summer months we easily spent a few hours just playing in the snow park.

Tickets to Jungfraujoch are not cheap!  From Wengen an adult ticket will set you back 176 CHF and a child ticket is 88 CHF – which is why you have to get a Swiss Travel Pass as you will receive 50% off the adults tickets and remember kids on a Swiss Family Card travel free, making the Swiss Travel Pass so worth it!

Click here to purchase a Swiss Travel Pass and save!!!

4. Winter Hiking

Of course the Swiss Alps are great for hiking in Summer, but you can also go hiking in Winter too.  Around Wengen there is over 70 km of winter hiking paths which are well maintained and marked with purple sign posts.  You can also go on guided snowshoe tours.

There is also some great hiking in Lauterbrunnen, which is nearby.

5. Mini Golf

If you’re in Wengen during the months April through to October, you can even play mini golf.  At the Lauberhorn Crazy Golf they have a 18 hole course. With your visitor’s card (see more information below) entry is 5.50 CHF per adult and kids are 3.50 CHF. 

 6. Ice Skating

Wengen Village

In the centre of town there is a natural ice rink and artificial rink where you can go ice skating as well as ice curling. With your visitor’s card (see more information below) entry is 4 CHF per adult and kids are free.   Skate rentals are 5 CHF per person.

Family Friendly Wengen Hotels

When it comes where to stay in Wengen, given it’s such a small village, pretty much anywhere is going to be fine, however the closer you can stay the main street is probably best.   Just be aware there really are no cheap hotels in Wengen.

Below I have listed three different hotels that I believe to be some of the best hotels in Wengen for families.  I’ve recommended these places to stay in Wengen based on their ability to adequately accommodate a family of 2 adults and 2 children, having private bathroom facilities as well as being in a reasonably central location. 

It’s also good to note here that when staying in Wengen, each visitor must pay a visitor’s tax.   The tax is a nightly rate and is 3.30 CHF per adult and 1.80 CHF per child between the ages of 6-16. In return you do receive a local guest card which gives you the following reductions:

  • Tennis courts 15%
  • Outdoor swimming pool 25%
  • Mini Golf 10%
  • Ice rink – kids free and adults half price
  • 30% off on the Wengen – Mannlichen cableway

Hotel Edelweiss, Wengen           

Wengen Hotels: Hotel Edelweiss Wengen

Myla and I stayed at Hotel Edelweiss, Wengen and just loved it, it’s a fantastic hotel in Wengen with wonderful friendly staff.

  • Hotel Edelweiss is located 300 metres from the Wengen train station, supermarket and the village – however it’s important to note that it is located at the bottom of a steep hill.  
  • Families are best accommodated in a quadruple room which have a double bed and a set of bunk beds. The room includes a TV and free Wi-Fi.  The hotel also has a small kids play room, free tea and coffee throughout the day and is located across from a playground.
  • 98% of people on TripAdvisor rate this hotel as above average and it’s rated 9.5/10 on

Click here to check the prices and / or to make a booking at Hotel Edelweiss.

Chalet Miravalle

  • If you’re looking for reasonably priced chalets in Wengen, then consider Chalet Miravalle. Chalet Miravalle is located 450 metres from the Wengen train station and even closer to the main street which has various places to eat, stores and supermarkets.  
  • Families are best accommodated in a 2-bedroom apartment which has two single beds in each room. The apartment includes a lounge, kitchen, dining area, TV and free Wi-Fi. 
  • 100% of people on TripAdvisor rate this hotel as above average and it’s rated 9/10 on

Click here to check the prices and / or to make a booking at Chalet Miravalle.

Swiss Lodge Hotel Bernerof

  • Families are best accommodated in a quadruple room which have a double bed and a set of bunk beds. The room includes a TV and free Wi-Fi.
  • 12% of people on TripAdvisor rate this hotel as above average and it’s rated 7.6/10 on

Click here to check the prices and / or to make a booking at Swiss Lodge Hotel.

Getting to Wengen

The nearest airport to Wengen is in Bern, so you will most likely be getting to Wengen by train either from Bern airport or somewhere else within Switzerland. Once you arrive at Interlaken Ost you will need to take a twenty minute train ride to Lauterbrunnen, which depart every 30 minutes. 

From Lauterbrunnen you will take the cog wheel train to Wengen which only takes another 12 minutes and trains depart every 30 minutes.Once you arrive in Wengen, you can just walk to your hotel or there are some taxi’s in the village. We arrived in Wengen by train from Lucerne.

We were traveling around Switzerland with Swiss Travel Passes which I highly recommend as it will save you a tonne on transportation as well as provide entry to a range of attractions.  Click here to read our post on why we recommend the Swiss Travel Pass.

Alternatively click here to see the range of Swiss Travel Passes available.

Getting Around Wengen

As mentioned above, Wengen is a super tiny, no car village so to get around you simply walk. However, if you’d like to visit any nearby villages, like anywhere in Europe it is super easy to get around.   In fact, we found Switzerland has some of the best public transportation and you can get to the most off the track places with ease. 

From Wengen you will need to take a combination of cog wheel rail, buses and cable cars to visit nearby villages.  Just download the SBB Mobile App and use this to plan your trips. If you have the Swiss Travel Passes, like I mentioned above (do yourself a favour a buy these!!!) you can travel pretty much anywhere for free – I say pretty much anywhere – as you do need to pay extra to travel past Wengen up the mountain. 

Wengen: Our Verdict

Wengen is such a gorgeous town!  Located right among the gorgeous Swiss Alps, it looks like a village directly from a fairy tale! It was just so much fun walking through the snow, playing in the snow and taking our sled everywhere we went and then Myla and I rode the sled down the hill to our Wengen accommodation.  Honestly the two of us have never had so much fun together. It’s not an overly big place, so you only need a few days to see explore it, but there are plenty of great day trips from Wengen was well. We absolutely loved Wengen and can’t recommend it enough!

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Please note that this post contains affiliate links, which means that if you make any bookings using the links I may receive a small commission at no extra charge to you.  This helps me provide this helpful information to you at no charge.

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