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The best pop up tent for camping is one where there is no spending an hour or more erecting your tent and having arguments with your other half.  In fact, with a pop up camping tent, you will have your campsite set up in next to no time so you can enjoy those precious moments with your family quicker.

Over the years we have purchased numerous so-called top-rated family tents which took us over an hour to both setup and pack up.  Usually, the process ended up with Andy and I having a bit of a tiff and just getting overall frustrated with the whole process.  Since discovering these easy setup tents, we have never looked back, and camping is so much for enjoyable.

Whether you’re brand new to camping and this is your very first tent purchase or whether you have a traditional tent and looking to make the move to an easy pop-up tent – this article is for you!  In this best pop up tent Australia guide, I’ll take you through everything you need to know to purchase the best pop up camping tent.

If you’re brand new to camping, you’ll appreciate the section explaining the various components of a tent as well as the factors to consider to ensure you purchase a quick pitch family tent that meets your family needs.  In the popup tent reviews section, I also take a closer look at some of the best family pop up tent options currently on the Australian market.

So, no matter what sort of pop up family tent you’re after – whether it be a small pop up tent or an extra-large pop-up tent or a 4 person pop up tent or a 6 person pop up tent you will no doubt find what you are looking for in this guide.

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Not keen on a pop up tent?  Click here for our full guide on family tents.

What is a Pop Tent and Why Should You Get One?

So first things first, what is a pop tent?  A pop-up tent (also referred to as an instant tent) is probably the easiest tent to set up available on the Australian market.

These instant up tents come with all the poles attached already so all you have to do is put it in position, click the poles into place and pull the fly over and you will have this type of tent set up in 1-2 minutes, sometimes even seconds!

These tents have become very popular as it is such an easy tent to set up and perfect for families with young kids as you don’t have to worry about trying to entertain them while setting up the tent.

These tents also tend to be a lot more lightweight so they are easier to transport to your camping site and they are just as durable and weatherproof as most of the other tents available on the market.

My Pick for the Best Pop Tent Australia 2021: Coleman Instant Pop Up Tent Gold Series 

Don’t have time to read the complete guide to the top 10 pop up tents and want our recommendation for what is the best pop up tent?  When it comes to the pop up tents for sale, in our view you can’t beat a Coleman pop up tent.   We currently have the Coleman Instant Up Gold Vestibule Tent and just love it.

This Coleman instant pop up tent comes in a range of sizes (4 man, 6 man, 8 man or 10 man), but given we are just a family of 3; we have the Coleman 4 person pop up tent.  This Coleman tent is the easiest tent to set up as it literally goes up in minutes, plus it’s a high-quality, durable tent that will protect you in a range of weather conditions.

This is the tent we go camping with and just love it!  Click here to check it out.

See below for our full Coleman tent review as well as our video showing you around our very own Coleman instant family tent further below in the best pop up tent review section. 

Best Instant Tents 2021 Comparison Chart

 Check below for a quick overview of the best instant tents reviewed in this guide as well as their various features.

NameNo. of PeopleTent HeightMaterial
Tent / Floor
Buy Now
Coleman Gold

4, 6, 8 or 10 190 cm150D Polyester / PolyethyleneBuy Now
Coleman Silver
Coleman Family Tent
4 or 8 190 cm75D Rip Stop Polyester / 420D PolyoxfordBuy Now
Malamoo Cicara
Malamoo Cicara 2

2, 3 or 4120 cm68D Polyester / PolyoxfordBuy Now
Explore Planet Earth Speedy Blackhole
2, 3 or 4120 cm68D Polyester / 68D PolyesterBuy Now
Outdoor Connection
2, 3 or 4140 cm680D Polyester / PolyoxfordBuy Now
4-6130 cm210T Polyester / PolyesterBuy Now

4-5145 cmPolyesterBuy Now
Oztrail Fast Frame
4, 6 or 10195 cm150D Ripstop Polyester / Heavy-duty PolyethyleneBuy Now
Oztrail Lumos Fast Frame
6, 10 or 12200 cm150D Ripstop Polyester / PVC backed PolyoxfordBuy Now
4194 cm190T Ripstop polyester Buy Now
Coleman Northstar
4, 6 or 10190 cm185D ripstop polyester / 420D polyoxford PVCBuy Now

Understanding the Tent Make Up

 If you’re new to camping, you may not quite understand some of the different components that make up a tent or their purpose.  Understanding these components of a tent are essential to ensuring you purchase a durable instant family tent.  So let’s look at a few of the most important components below:

  • Rainfly: An instant family tent usually comes in mainly two pieces:  the main part of the tent, which is referred to as the tent body; and then the rainfly. The rainfly is the floorless, waterproof outer layer that goes over the tent body.  The purpose of a rainfly is to prevent rain from getting inside the tent.  Rainflys come in either full coverage (essential for high winds and heavy downpours) or partial coverage (ok for light showers).
  • Vestibule: Vestibules are the little front entrances or small rooms at the front of the instant pop up tent, like a porch.  Vestibules provide some extra space for you to leave items that you don’t want inside making a mess of your tent like shoes.
  • Weather: Tents tend to come as 3 season or 4 season (also referred to as all-weather) tents. For the Australian climate, for the most part, a 3-season quick pop up tent will do the trick as these tents are suited to camping in all kinds of weather except for heavy snow or extremely windy conditions.  If you intend on camping in the snow, then you will need a 4-season instant pop up camping tent.
  • Material & Ventilation: Pop up tents tend to come in nylon/polyester, which are lightweight and great at keeping you dry but do tend to heat up rather fast in the sun.


Factors to Consider When Looking for the Best Instant Tent

The best instant tent to buy is not the same tent as your best mate bought.  Different families have different needs when it comes to good quality, pop up tents.  Perhaps you want to go camping once a month, once a year or camp as you travel through the outback or just camp at a family park during the school holidays.

To ensure you buy the best popup tent for your family’s needs, consider the following factors. 

How Many People

First things first, just because a tent says it is a 4 man family tent, doesn’t mean it will comfortably accommodate a family of 4.  The number specified on the tent describes how many people can sleep side by side in sleeping bags, without any room left over for any personal belongings.

So a 4 man pop up tent literally means 4 people sleep side by side, with no extra room in between.  In reality, it is probably better suited to 2 or 3 people in comfort!  For example, we have a four-person pop-up tent, and we are two adults and one child – I think even as Myla gets bigger, we may need to move up to a 6 person pop tent.

To ensure you have a fast pop up tent that accommodates your family comfortably, I recommend you look for a tent that states it will fit at least an additional two people than you require it to.  So, for example, the best pop up tent for 4 people would be a 6 man pop up tent – this will provide you with plenty of room for bedding as well as some space for your personal belongings.

Unfortunately, there is no standard sizing between any of the pop-up camping tents for sale, as they come in all shapes, sizes and designs.  Use the following information as a basic guide:

  • 2 Person Tent: Suitable for 1 or 2 people with limited space for belongings. Average sizing is between 2-3 m in length, 1-1.5 m in width and 1-1.5 m in height.
  • 4 Person Tent: Suitable for 2-3 people with a small area for belongings and to move around. Average sizing is between 2.4-3.5 m in length, 2-2.4 m in width and 1.2-1.9 m in height.
  • 6 Person Tent: Suitable for 3-4 people with a small area for belongings and to move around. Average sizing is between 3-3.5 m in length, 2.5-3 m in width and 1.7-1.9 m in height.
  • 8 Person Tent: Suitable for 5-6 people with a small area for belongings and to move around. Average sizing is between 4.2-4.7 m in length, 2.4-3 m in width and 1.8-2.1 m in height.
  • 10 Person Tent: Suitable for 7-8 people with a small area for belongings and to move around. Average sizing is between 4.2- 6 m in length, 2.7-3.5 m in width and 1.9-2.1 m in height.

Type of Camping

The type of camping you’re likely to be doing with your tent is extremely important when considering what type of tent is best suited for your family.  If you need to walk a long distance, perhaps to a secluded or secret camping spot with your tent and all your camping gear, or if you need a tent for overnight hiking excursions, then having a super small lightweight tent is very important.  While on the other hand, if you plan on staying put for a week or so, then you probably want a comfortable homely set up, in which case a bigger pop-up tent with a porch may be a better fit. 

How often will you go camping?

 How often you go camping is also another vital factor to consider when deciding which is the best quick tent for your family to purchase.  If you think you might join family once a year on an annual camping trip, then you can probably get away with one of the cheap pop up tents that still does the job but doesn’t need all the extras that will increase the price of your purchase. However, if you love camping and plan to go regularly, then it would be worth investing in one of the best-rated pop-up tents.  

Best Pop Up Tent Reviews Australia 2021

Now that you have a better understanding of which family tent you want to buy keep reading below for a look at some of the best quick setup tent options currently available in Australia.

Coleman Instant Pop Up TentGold Series

As mentioned earlier, we own and love the Coleman Gold Series tent.  Coleman of course is one of the best brands around when it comes to not only the best quick setup tent options but also just camping gear in general.

This easy-erect family tent has pre-attached poles that make setting up camp as simple as unfolding, extending, and securing by clicking and locking the poles into place. You will have this tent up in 1-2 minutes, so you can get on with enjoying your camping experience.

We have the four-man pop-up tent which is slightly larger, and at 6.9 kgs heavier than many instant 4 person tents on the market, it’s not recommended for the avid backpackers but certainly is perfect for family campers who will have their vehicle close by.  The 4 man pop up tent has a floor area of 2.4m x 2.1m, and we easily fit a double and single mattress with enough room left over for our personal items.

This one-piece easy camp tent also has an integrated vented rainfly which provides extra protection from the rain and improves airflow.   Other features of this best quick pitch family tent include single entrance, the height of 1.5 metres, reflective guy lines for greater visibility at night, two storage flaps inside to store your belongings and welded floors and inverted seams to help keep water out.

This Coleman family tent is an easy choice if you’re after one of the best instant camping tents for your family.  If you are a small family of three (like us) and want to spend more time in the great outdoors then putting up your tent, the Coleman 4 man pop up tent is an excellent choice for you.  If you’re a larger family consider the 6 person, 8 person and 10 person option.

Check out our video below showing you around our tent and click here to check the current price of the Coleman Instant tent. 

Coleman Instant Up 6P Silver Series TentColeman Family Tent

If the Coleman Pop Up Gold Series sound great, but you want to save a few dollars, then another great choice is the Coleman Instant Up 6P Silver Series.  This is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a good quality instant tent at an affordable price for a smaller family for 3 or 4.

This is one of the best choices when it comes to easy to put up tents for camping with the set up time being under two minutes! A lot of the features of this tent are similar to the gold series above such as the WeatherTec system, welded floors and inverted seams to help keep water out, rainfly and easy to use Velcro frame attachments. The internal dimensions are 3.2 metres long by 2.6 metres wide, and the height is 1.9 metres. This version is much more lightweight at 13.5kgs.

There are a few differences between the gold series and the silver series, but overall, the silver series is still a fantastic instant family tent. The fabric on the gold series is denser and softer, which helps to maintain strength and durability and also does pack away easier than the silver series. The gold series is also said to be more waterproof for more torrential rain, but you will still be kept dry in the silver series.

The gold series has better ventilation, finer mesh, nicer floor material, more storage and a bonus awning but if you are looking to save some money while still buying a great easy erect family tent, then this is an excellent option to consider.

The Silver Series also comes in a 4 man or 8 man tent option.

 Click here to find out more about the Coleman Instant Up 6 Silver Series Tent and to check the current price. 

Malamoo Cicara 3.0 Pop Up Tent

Malamoo Cicara 2

The Malamoo Cicara 3.0 is one of the best easy setup tent options and is perfect for a last minute getaway, summer festival or even as shelter for a day at the beach or in the bush.

While this waterproof pop up tent can be used in any weather conditions, it is greatly suited to warmer or humid weather conditions. The dual tent skin design fly makes for excellent ventilation, and the inner tent is breathable making it perfect all year round.

Another thing that makes this one of the best easy set up tents is how compact and easy it is to carry around. If you have a fair way to walk to your desired camp spot you don’t have to worry about how you are going to get the tent there as at just 7kgs, it can easily be carried.

This tent can sleep four people with a length of 3.65 metres and a width of 2.5 metres. It also has room to stand up and move around in with a height of 1.5 metres.

The Malamoo Cicara also comes in a 2 man or 3 man pop up tent option.

 Click here to find out more about the Malamoo Cicara Tent and to check the current price. 

Explore Planet Earth Speedy Blackhole Pop Up Tent

The Speedy Blackhole Tent series from Explore Planet Earth is a great tent that erects itself in seconds.  Coming in either a 4, 3 or 2 berth pop up tent, the Speedy tent is small and super lightweight, so it is perfect for anyone after a compact tent to throw in the back of the car.  For small families you can go for the 4 person tent or families with older children can opt for a couple of the smaller tents.

The Speedy series of tents are an all in one tent, which pretty much puts itself up as soon as you take it out of the bag.  You’ll just need to peg it down to prevent it from flying away.  The easy up camping tent is dually layered made from a durable 68 denier polyester fabric with fully taped seams to prevent moisture getting inside.  These new Blackhole Speedy tents also feature black-backed fly fabric and black inner polyester to keep the tent darker so you can sleep for longer.  It also keeps the inside of your tent cooler.

For a small easy family tent, the Speedy is a reasonably spacious tent and lightweight too.  However you will need to compromise on head height as this tent is only 120cm in height – so don’t expect a lot of headspace in the Speedy tent.

One thing I just love about the Speedy series of tents is the build in LED lights in the ceiling – you just need to charge them up with a USB charger.  Other great features of the Speedy tents are the side windows for ventilation, reflective guide ropes, built in accessory pocket and durable resin poles.

The Speedy Series of tents is one of the more expensive small sized tents in these reviews.  However if you’re after good quality pop up tents, this is certainly one to consider.

Click here to find out more about the Explore Planet Earth Speedy Blackhole tents and to check the current price.

Outdoor Connection Easy Up Tent

Another great quick set up family tent for a smaller family of 3 or 4 people is the Outdoor Connection Easy Up Tent. These best quick pop camping tents come in a 2, 3 or 4 man tents, and are another excellent option for anyone after a tent that goes up in an instant.

This tent can be set up in only a couple of minutes, much like all the other standard pop up tents. It just needs removing from the storage bag and positioning, and it will pop right up for you. They’re also easy to pack away too.

The Outdoor Connection series of tents feature a dual layer of fabric, which has tape sealed seams and a heavy duty floor to ensure water does not get inside the tent.  The tents also have a UV coating for added protection against the harsh sun to ensure the tent lasts longer.  The poles are made from fibreglass.

Other features of these tents include large doors, windows and ventilation points for maximum air circulation and a small vestibule area.  Like some of the other smaller pop up tents – the downside of these tents is there isn’t a lot of headroom with the 4 man tent having a height of just 140cm.

The Outdoor Connection Easy Up Tents are super compact, lightweight and perfect for those wanting a quick camp set up.

Click here to find out more about the Outdoor Connection Tents and to check the current price. 

Oileus Pop Up Tent

The Oileus Pop Up Tent is another good option to consider if you are in the market for a small fast set up family tent for 3-5 people.

This tent would be great for going camping during the Australian summers as it has maximum ventilation. The 2 mesh doors, 2 mesh windows and big mesh roof sky window will be sure to let as much airflow in as possible. Mesh is ideal as it allows a breeze to come through but will keep all the bugs out.

Made from 210T upgraded polyester, it is a sturdy tent that can withstand a decent breeze and some light right. This tent is water-resistant, but it would not be able to withstand a torrential downpour or extremely windy weather conditions.

Other great features of this tent are the double-headed sturdy zippers that allow you to close the tent from the inside or out, reinforced steel stakes, sky window cover and easy pop-up feature.

This tent is 2.9 metres long, 2 metres wide and 1.3 metres high and weighs only 3.6gs so it is a compact tent and incredibly lightweight which is ideal if it needs to be carried a distance before you can set up camp.

Click here to find out more about the Oileus Pop Up Tent and to check the current price. 

Wnniedo Family Instant Tent

The Wnnideo Family Instant Tent is the perfect tent for a smaller family that loves backpacking, hiking or maybe just has a secret family camping spot that requires a decent walk to get to it.

This easy pitch family tent is super waterproof and durable built with ripstop nylon using a reinforcing technique that makes it resistant to ripping or tearing. This is such an excellent feature to have in a camping tent as nothing will ruin a camping trip quicker than a ripped tent!

The ventilation on this easy to erect family tent is fantastic with the 4 built-in large mesh windows and 2 large doors for easy entry and exit. The mesh allows great airflow while keeping all the unwanted bugs and insects out of your sleeping area.  Other great features of this easy pop-up camping tent are the built-in storage pocket, built-in hook to hang a lantern or fan and removable rain fly.

This tent is so lightweight only weighing 4.1kgs so it can easily be carried while backpacking or hiking without the hassle and it is 3.05 metres wide, 2.4 metres long and 1.45 metres high, so there is plenty of room to set up comfortably for the night on your next family camping trip.

Click here to find out more about the Wnniedo Family Instant Tent and to check the current price.

Oztrail Pop Up Tent – Fast Frame Tents

If you’re looking for an alternative to Coleman tents, Oztrail also makes a great range of different pop up tents perfect for your next family camping trip.  The Oztrail Fast Frame series of tents come in a 4, 6 and 10 person pop up tent and are very similar to the Coleman Silver Series tents.

Like the previous Coleman tents, the Oztrail Fast Frame Cruiser tents are really easy to set up.  Thanks to the unique Hub Fast Frame system all you need to do is simply peg out the four corners, extent the poles and up goes the tent.  You’ll then just need to put on the rainfly and peg it all down – it’s that easy.

Both the inner tent and rainfly are made from a durable 150 denier ripstop polyester fabric which has a waterhead rating of 1500 mm.  The factory heat taped seams also ensure no moisture gets inside the tent as does the heavy duty bucket style floor with elevated seams.  The frame is also made from a heavy duty steel for longevity.

The larger of these tents come with a removable divider so you have the option of two rooms or just the one large space.  Some features of these tents include the large front door, plenty of windows for good ventilation, great size front awning, internal storage pockets, lantern loop, power cord access flap with built in Velcro power cord holders.  These tents also have plenty of headspace so you can stand up inside with ease.

These are top quality and fast set up tents and come with a 2 year warranty so you can purchase with total confidence.

Click here to find out more about the Oztrail Fast Frame Tent and to check the current price.

Oztrail Lumos Fast Frame Tents

If you’re looking for the absolute best quality pop tent money can buy, then can I suggest you consider the Oztrail Lumos Fast Frame tent series.  These tents are like the Royal Royce in pop up tents, offering plenty of floor space, as well as loads of extras including an integrated, LED light system.

Like the previous Oztrail Fast Frame series, the Lumos tents are super easy to erect.  This pop up tent is made from high quality ripstop polyester with a huge 3000mm waterhead fly and the fly features a blockout coating which ensures no direct sunlight in your tent as soon as day breaks – so you can sleep in longer.  The fly will block out approximately 95% of the sunlight and also reduces the temperature inside the tent by around 10%.   The Lumos tents also feature Oztrail new Climatech ventilation system to ensure there is no condensation built up inside the tent.

The highlight of these tents though is the built in 750 Lumen LED light system.  The tents have LED lights throughout the tents which then link back to a single control panel so you can adjust the light output as required.  These are powered either by 4D cell batteries (not included) or a USB battery pack can be used – USB connectors are included.

These are super spacious tents with large doors for easy entry, multiple awnings, heavy duty bucket style floor with elevated seams, powercord outlets, internal storage pockets, plus there is even a zippered access point for you to add a tent heater or air conditioner!  The larger tents also have zippered dividers to allow for multiple rooms.

For campers after the best quality tent, the Oztrail Lumos Fast Frame tents are well worth considering.  These tents come in a 6, 10 and 12 person tent option and for peace of mind, also come with a 2 year warranty.

Click here to find out more about the Oztrail Lumos Fast Frame Tent and to check the current price.

Weisshorn Instant Up Tents 


For a cheaper instant up tent – this Weisshorn is a great option for the smaller family to consider.  This is a 4 person tent so perfect for a small family with young children.

Despite being a cheaper tent, the Weisshorn features a strong steel frame structure to ensure it is long lasting.  The frame is automatic which means a quick and easy set up as well as pack down.  The tent has a waterproof and UV resistant 190T polyester 300mm waterhead rainfly to ensure you remain dry and cool regardless of what weather comes your way and features large mesh windows for maximum airflow and ventilation.

There is also plenty of headroom in this tent with the height being 194cm.  Other features include a spacious front awning, large windows, a waterproof flooring with a 15cm thick edge, internal storage pockets, powercord outlets

For families not wanting to spend a fortune on their pop up tent, this Weisshorn tent is a great alternative to some of the others in these reviews.  It comes with all the essential features as well as 1 year warranty for a confident purchase.

Click here to find out more about the Weisshorn Instant Up Tent and to check the current price.

Coleman Northstar Instant Up Tents

Last but not least and yes it is another Coleman tent!  This time we have the Coleman Northstar Instant Up Tents which come with a dark room and an integrated LED lighting system.  These tents come in a range of sizes depending on how your family including a 4, 6 and 10 person tent.

Just like the previous Oztrail Lumos Fast Frame Tents – these Coleman tents feature both the dark rooms and the super cool integrated LED lighting system.  So now you can sleep in longer in the morning and have plenty of light in the evenings.  The dark room is designed to block out around 95% of sunlight and keep the inside of your tent around 5 degrees cooler.  Then with the interior LED lighting you’ll have interior light when required at just a flick of a switch.    The tents also have ultra fine mesh throughout to allow for plenty of ventilation and airflow.

As you’d expect being a Coleman, the Northstar is super easy to put up due to the hub frame which has an integrated pre attached frame.  It also comes with all the other great features the other Coleman Instant Up Tents have such as a great size vestibule for added storage, plenty of internal storage, power cord outlets, there is also a hook and loop strip on the awning so you can attach your Coleman Gazebo for additional external space.  Plus the larger tents come with multiple rooms including a zippered mesh and privacy doors.

If you love the Coleman Instant Up Tents, then you’ll love the new tents that come with the integrated LED lights.  While I’m not sure it is worth the upgrade just for that, however if you’re yet to buy a tent then it is well worth the investment.  Coleman Tents are well known for their top quality and this Northstar is certainly no exception.

Click here to find out more about the Coleman Northstar Tent and to check the current price.

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