Best Websites for Planning Budget Travel

Everyone always asks me – what are the best websites for planning budget travel?  So if you want to save hundreds off your next budget family travel – get on to the below websites!

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In this day in age with everything available to you at your finger tips via the internet – there is absolutely no need to use a travel agent.  Just jump online and get researching, planning and booking!!!

These are my go to sites whenever I am researching or planning a budget family travel:

  1. Skyscanner – for airfares
  2. Tripadvisor – for recommendations for accommodation, activities and how to get around
  3. – for accommodation
  4. Agoda – for accommodation
  5. Google Maps – to check out where places are and how to get from A to B
  6. Airbnb – for accommodation
  7. Trivago – for accommodation
  8. Currency Converter – to work out how much things cost
  9. Pinterest – heaps of great ideas on where to stay and what to do
  10. Loveholidays – good for those wanting the ability to pay their holiday off over a period of time

I also use google and read lots of travel blogs to get ideas and recommendations too.

Researching and planning your trip is almost as fun as the travel itself.  And remember no one knows whats best suited to your family better than you!!

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