A Klook Review: What is Klook Anyway?

If you’ve used the Thrifty Family Travels website to plan your holidays, you’ll know I often recommend the Klook website for booking tours and attractions tickets.  However, a concern we often hear from our readers is “what is Klook?” and “is Klook legit?”  So I thought it was about time that I write up a

Protect Your Data While Travelling Overseas

Technology has infiltrated every aspect of our life and that includes travel. Travellers use smart devices for navigation, for entertainment, to discover local attractions and to record all of their experiences. Travelling overseas means packing an array of electronic devices and accessing numerous apps, websites and other internet services that all host and harvest our

Koh Lipe Island

10 Cheap Family Holiday Destinations

Traveling with kids isn’t always easy and it certainly isn’t cheap – but the good news is that there are some great options when it comes to cheap family holiday destinations. In fact, there are some great cheap destinations all over the world and not just in South East Asia – you just need to

Top Posts on Thrifty Family Travels

  This list has some of the most popular posts on Thrifty Family Travels.  Destinations in this list include Australia, USA, Europe and South-East Asia.  So if you’re in need of some inspiration on where to take the kids next, this is the list for you!   The Ultimate Guide to Melbourne with Kids Melbourne

Best Backpacks for kids

Tips to Keep Family Trips Budget Friendly

Family trips can help you reconnect with your family. From kids having to go to school to parents having to work all day, it can be pretty easy to lose touch with each other. However, family trips are often costly, and the thought of you having to spend a lot of money to organize the

Travel Tips for Families on a Budget

With the average family reportedly spending almost £5,000 a year on holidays, it’s no wonder that many of us who are on a tight budget think that travelling is only for those with plenty of spare cash. The good news is that this, arguably extravagant, spending on family holidays is not always necessary. In this

How to Prepare Your Garden for Travel

  By Mel from Mel’s Garden   We love our garden plants, but we don’t want to be held captive by their needs all summer. Summer is vacation season and gardening season, and the two seasons can co-exist nicely if you know how to prepare your garden for travel.   Sprinkler System   If you

6 Tips to Help your Family Sleep on a Long Haul Flight

  In this day and age, families travel frequently, which is why it’s now very common to see young children taking long haul flights. Although, it doesn’t mean that the experience is always hassle-free, so families need to be prepared to try and lessen the discomfort of long flights. It’s always best to equip yourselves

Southeast Asia Packing List

This post may contain affiliate links.   We pack fairly lightly when we travel.  For me there is nothing worse than lugging around heavy bags throughout my travels.  When you travel as a family you tend to have a little more luggage, but it is still very doable to travel light. To travel light, you

5 Creative Ideas to Make Your Travel Memories Last Forever

Check out these great tips from our guest blogger Sam on how to make your travel memories last forever.  Sam is obsessed with scrap booking and loves to record her travel memories in scrapbook albums.  She keeps hold of all my ticket stubs and grabs other unique travel memorabilia to add to her albums as well.  When