How to Prepare Your Garden for Travel


By Mel from Mel’s Garden


We love our garden plants, but we don’t want to be held captive by their needs all summer. Summer is vacation season and gardening season, and the two seasons can co-exist nicely if you know how to prepare your garden for travel.


Sprinkler System


If you have a large garden and landscape, the most cost and time efficient way to get water to the plants is through a sprinkler system.


A sprinkler system can be set up on a timer so the lawn, flowers, and garden plants will receive a sufficient amount of water while you’re away from home. And the automatic watering system will save you a lot of time and effort when you’re at home.


A sprinkler system will also use less water by delivering the water exactly where it’s needed.

Friend or Neighbor


If a sprinkler system is not an option ask a friend or neighbor to water the garden during your absence.


Place everything they will need, like water hose and nozzle, in a convenient location and provide basic instructions so plants will stay well hydrated.


This option will also allow for the friend or neighbour to keep an eye on your home while you’re traveling.

Garden Preparations


Prepare the garden for your absence so it can sustain itself for a few days.



  • Trellis/stake/cage all taller growing plants and place straw under melons or pumpkins.


  • Inspect plants for any signs of disease and treat accordingly.


  • Spray all plants with an organic pest spray to protect them against a pest infestation during your absence. A simple and effective organic pesticide can be made by mixing 1 tablespoon of chili powder and 5 drops of dish washing liquid into one quart of water. Saturate plants with mixture.


Schedule Wisely


Don’t plan a trip during harvest season. Schedule travel around the peak season for produce production. When that’s unavoidable have a friend or neighbour harvest the vegetables and fruits as they ripen so the plants will continue to produce.


Low Maintenance Garden


If your normal routine involves frequent travel, plant a low maintenance garden so you can enjoy gardening and traveling.


A water garden planted in a low-lying landscape area requires minimal maintenance, as does a drought-tolerant garden planted on a hill. Select native plants suited for your particular landscape and maintenance will be minimal.


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