Tips to Save Money on Your Family Vacation


As you guys know we love to save as much money as we can when travelling, without of course compromising our experience.  So I was more than happy when the guys at Holiday Autos asked to collaborate on a post with me about tips to save money on your family vacation.


So here you guy 5 great tips on saving money on your next vacation. 


Tips to Save Money on Your Family Vacation


Affordable family vacations are hard to come by, and you’ll often find yourself becoming incredibly frustrated after your extensive searches come to no avail. Now, vacations are special for a number of reasons, such as forging meaningful memories that you can rejoice over later down the line and building more happiness for your family through valuable experiences. So, whilst most desire fantastic memory-creating vacations, many are prevented by the substantial prices. But, we feel that everyone should be able to enjoy vacations with their beloved families, and money should not be the thing to crush their chances.


Therefore, in this post we’ll delve into the best tips to save money on your family vacation.


1. Hire a car


Whilst on vacation travel expenses can really rack up, especially if you’re a larger family with a lot of members, which can increase the total cost of your holiday. So, instead of purchasing bus tickets, train tickets or taxi rides for everyone every single day, you could save by hiring a car for the length of your stay. This can be done through a number of sites, such as Holiday Autos,  and will allow you to travel around privately, comfortably and conveniently whilst reducing your expenses. Alternatively, depending on your vacation, you could save even further by walking everywhere.


2. Choose the right time to travel


Certain times of the year are more expensive to go on a vacation, such as the summer season when the demand drastically rises due to an increase in hot weather and school holidays. In addition, you could choose better times to travel, as tickets in midweek, late at night or early in the morning tend to be a lot cheaper.


3. Rent a house


This is a superb way to lower your costs, and will allow you to avoid hefty charges from hotels, various parking fares and extra expenses for food. By searching the web and finding a fantastic deal for renting a house for your vacation and dividing the costs, you’ll not only have a more private environment to enjoy yourselves, you’ll also be able to cook your own meals and integrate more family time.


4. Book tickets prior to your vacation


When scheduling your vacation, you’ll tend to include a lot of family activities throughout the day times, such as visiting theme parks, local attractions, museums etc. If that’s the case, visit their websites to book your tickets in advance as the vast majority of places charge more if you pay on arrival.


5. Do things for FREE


As a family, a vacation is all about creating memories together in new destinations. Now, not everything has to be expensive for this to happen, you could discover amazing things to do for free. Going to the local park, stocking up on DVD’s, going on walks in glorious parts of the region and finding free entertainment will all save you money.


Thanks to the guys at Holiday Autos for collaborating on this post with me.


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