Hiring a Nanny in Bali

While many families love going to Bali to stay at one of the fabulous resorts with kids club, what if your munchkins are too little for kids club, or perhaps you prefer to stay in a Villa where of course there isn’t a kids club?


Myla is only 8 so she has only been able to access kids’ clubs for a few years now.  Before that we always hired a nanny for a night out here and there (below is a picture of Myla many years ago with nanny and now our good friend Gita – sorry for the crappy image!). This is a great option so Mum and Dad can have a fantastic relaxing holiday too. Some families hire a nanny for their entire trip just to give themselves an extra pair of hands to make their trip just that much more enjoyable.

How can nannies help you have a fantastic holiday?


Well for us we have used a nanny here and there for a few evenings out alone during our holiday, but as I said above, you can hire them for an extra pair of hands also. Here are some ways nannies can assist during your holiday in Bali:


  • Babysitter while the adults go out for a child-free meal.
  • Assist parents in everyday tasks like changing nappies, feeding little ones and bath time.
  • Additional supervision around the pool or even playing in the pool with the kids – many nannies can swim.
  • You can have your nanny come and stay a few hours a day, the entire day or even have them live with you for your entire holiday.


How can I trust the nanny – I don’t even know them?


Good question and many people may not be comfortable in hiring a complete stranger to look after their children. Hiring a nanny in Bali is not for everyone, but for those who are interested here are a few tips in feeling more comfortable with a nanny looking after your children:


  • Read forums and ask questions in TripAdvisor and go with a nanny that is recommended – even private message a forum poster and ask a few questions to see how their experience went.
  • For nannies listed on Facebook, read their reviews, look at their various posts and see if you can get a feel for them. Even private message some of the reviewers and ask questions about their experiences.
  • Once you have shortlisted a few nannies, message back and forth with all your questions and advise of any particular concerns you have.
  • When you have decided on your nanny; before you leave them alone with your children in Bali, have them hang out with you and your kids for a few hours and see how the children and the nanny go together.
  • Ensure you have your nanny’s mobile number and they have yours so you can get in contact with each other if you have any concerns.


I have personally never heard of anyone having a terrible experience with a nanny in Bali, and I have read a lot of reviews. Myla loved our nanny Gita from the minute she met her.


How much will a nanny cost?


This really depends on the nanny themselves, whether you have hired through an agency or directly, how long you hire them for and how many children they are looking after.


Generally, though a nanny will cost between 60, 000 IRD (approximately $6 AUD) and 90, 000 IRD (approximately $9 AUD)


Who should I hire?


You can hire a nanny through an agency, even your hotel, but this is likely to cost more than if you hire the nanny directly. Hiring a nanny through an agency or your hotel may offer you a little more peace of mind as usually they have been through a screening process and you can contact the hotel or agency in the unlikely event that something goes wrong.


It is my preference to hire a nanny directly via a recommendation. This way the nanny takes home the entire fee, and usually, it is much cheaper. There often is much more flexibility as to the minimum and maximum period of hire too.


Unfortunately our nanny Gita is no longer working as a nanny available but I’ve listed some others below for you to check out.  I’ve gathered all these details by doing a bunch of research on TripAdvisor forums, the internet, blogs and Facebook to find you a list of highly recommended nannies. I cannot personally recommend any of these nannies (except for Gita), so my recommendation is for you to do your own research on the nannies below and make your own decision – but at least this information will fast track your search in finding the perfect nanny for your trip to Bali. 


Bali’s Sitters Studio

  • Berta from Bali’s Sitter Studio comes well recommended in blogs, TripAdvisor forums and Facebook.
  • On Facebook, she has a 5-star rating from 13 reviews.
  • She can be contacted by the above link or via email at berta_nanny@hotmail.com.


Balis Best Babysitting

  • This is an Australian owned and operated agency.
  • You can view the nannies profiles online.
  • Prices range between $6.50 – $12.50 per hour depending on the number of children.
  • They require a minimum hire period of 6 hours per day in low season and 8 hours per day in high season.


Iluh Sundari

  • Iluh Sundari is recommended on Facebook and in TripAdvisor forums.
  • On Facebook she has a 5 star rating out of 20 reviews.


Chomank Poerwanti

  • Chomank Poerwanti is recommended on Facebook.
  • On Facebook, she has a 4.9-star rating out of 55 reviews.


Denny Wulansari

Denny only has a public personal Facebook page, so there are no reviews. But you can see from her Facebook page that she loves the kids she cares for and has some lovely comments on various photos from the parents whose children she has cared for.


Nita Nanny Service

  • Nita from Nita Nanny Service is recommended on Facebook.
  • On Facebook she has a 5-star rating out of 34 reviews.


Your Nanny Bali

  • Wayan from Your Nanny Bali is highly recommended in TripAdvisor forums.
  • Wayan only has a public personal Facebook page, so there are no reviews. But you can see from her Facebook page that she loves the kids she cares for and has some lovely comments on various photos from the parents whose children she has cared for.


Karsini Services

  • This is a nanny agency.
  • There is a minimum hire period of 4 hours per day.


Hiring Baby Equipment in Bali


For those of you with tiny bubbas, the other great thing you can do for a trip to Bali is leave all your baby equipment at home. That’s right, don’t waste your luggage allowance on baby stuff or money on excess luggage because you can hire everything you need in Bali. Just jump online and order whatever you need, arrange to have it delivered to your hotel or villa and when you arrive, you are ready for a stress holiday with baby.


Here is an example of some of the things you can hire:


  • Pool fences (very handy of you’re staying in a villa with a runaway toddler)
  • Baby Purees
  • Baby Bath
  • Change Table
  • Potty
  • Car seats
  • Sterilisers
  • Bottle warmers
  • High Chairs
  • Microwaves
  • Toys
  • Cots
  • Prams
  • Nappies
  • Formula
  • Bed rails


For a full list of baby equipment you can hire and for a price list check out Bali Baby, Bali Baby Hire or Bali Bubs.


Check out our other Bali content here.

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