Save money when planning your family travel

Travelling is not as expensive as you might think.  Particularly if you follow all of my tips on how to save money for your budget family travel.

We certainly don’t book the cheapest trip – but we don’t spend money where we don’t have too.  We are all about getting value for money and saving money where possible provided it does not impact on the overall experience of the country.  If we have to spend money to experience a certain aspect of the country, then we will but otherwise we’d rather keep the money in our pockets so we can go on our next trip sooner.

Whilst I provide tips throughout the various pages on this site, the tips in this section are a little more focused on saving money in the planning stages of your family travel, although I do also offer tips on saving money during your travel also.

It’s very important to remember that you should not save money at the expense of experiencing what your destination has to offer, otherwise why travel in the first place.  In fact I think by staying in cheaper smaller hotels, eating in small local restaurants and using locally run tours and transport you not only save heaps of money but you really get to experience the country.

Stay in small hotels, eat in local restaurants and use local tours and transport to save money and experience what your destination has to offer.

The tips in this section assume you have already decided on the country you are visiting.  If you need assistance with where to go first – check out our tips on various destinations from the above menu.

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