The Best Things to do in Cunnamulla, QLD


Things to do in Cunnamulla

Located some 750 km west of Brisbane, the town of Cunnamulla is situated along the Warrego River. It has a range of diverse landscapes and unique experiences, making it a great place to take the kids for a day or two for a real outback experience.

Cunnamulla was created as a town back in 1879 when Cobb and Co drove the very first coach through from Bourke and today has a population of just over 1000 people.  Although despite having such a small population you’ll find some great things to do that the entire family will love.  Some of the best things to do in Cunnamulla include a stay on a real life cattle station, learn all about the Great Artesian Basin and some great opportunities for spotting wildlife.

If you’re planning a trip to Cunnamulla, then this guide is going to be super helpful. In this guide, I’ll cover everything you need to know in terms of what to do in Cunnamulla, including all the essential information such as location, opening hours, and where applicable entry prices.  

As well as providing tips for things to do in Cunnamulla, this guide will cover some suggestions for things to do in the nearby towns of Wyndra and Eulo as well as tips for some family friendly Cunnamulla accommodation.

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Best Things to do in Cunnamulla, QLD

In this section, I include all the must do Cunnamulla attractions.  Which things you should do will depend on how long you have in town and what your family’s interests are.  Whatever you decide to do, to help plan your trip, I’ve included the below map which shows where all the Cunnamulla tourist attractions are.  Zoom in and out for a closer look.  

Please note that the opening hours and prices quoted below were correct at the time of publishing.

If you want to see what our itinerary was while in Cunnamulla- click here, where you’ll see a detailed overview of how we spent 2 weeks doing a Queensland Outback trip.

You can also check out the short video we made of the Cunnamulla highlights here or see our full FB album with all our photos from Cunnamulla here.

The Cunnamulla Fella Centre

As well as being the local visitor information centre, the Cunnamulla Fella Centre is also home to an art gallery and museum.  

Through a range of items on display, the museum allows the visitor to gain an insight into the local culture, heritage and history of the region.

The art gallery is regularly changed and displays the art of both local artists and other artists from all over Australia.

I’d recommend allowing around 20-30 minutes depending on how interested you all in the items on display.

Location: Centenary Park, Jane Street, Cunnamulla

Opening Hours: Weekdays from 9 am to 4.30 pm and Weekends from 10 am to 2 pm

Price: Free

The Cunnamulla Fella Statue

Did you even go to Cunnamulla if you didn’t get your photo taken with the Cunnamulla Fella?

Back in the 50s and 60s, the sheep and cattle industry provided many job opportunities for young men around the age of 15 to 16.  These young men worked long hours – from sun up to sundown, and after work, they would squat around the campfire on their swag having a drink while chatting to their mates about their day.  This statue is said to be a tribute to those young men.

In the 1950s, Stan Coster wrote a song about the Cunnamulla Fella, which was later recorded by Slim Dusty and Lee Kernaghan.  

Location: Centenary Park, Jane Street, Cunnamulla

Opening Hours: Always

Price: Free

Artesian Time Tunnel

The town of Cunnamulla is on top of the Great Artesian Basin, which is a huge underground river that covers one fifth of Australia.  A great place to learn all about this fascinating phenomenon is at the Artesian Time Tunnel, which is at the Cunnamulla Fella Centre.

Your visit to the Artesian Time Tunnel starts as you enter a simulated old mine lift.  You’ll then travel back some 100 million years ago where via a video presentation and a range of exhibits and display, you’ll learn all about the Artesian Basin, dinosaurs and the Eromanga Inland Sea.  

It takes around 30 minutes to watch the short documentary, to go through the tunnel and see the various displays.  It is well worth it to learn a little more about the Great Artesian Basin.

Location: Inside the information centre at Centenary Park, Jane Street, Cunnamulla

Opening Hours: Weekdays from 9 am to 4.30 pm and Weekends from 10 am to 2 pm

Price: There is a small entry fee for this attraction.

Heritage Trail

A great way to explore the town and see its various historical buildings is by taking the Heritage Trail.  Places to see along the way include hotels, saddlery, Tonkin House, the Warrego Watchman, the Robber Tree (pictured above) and churches.

Grab yourself a map at the Cunnamulla Fella Centre to follow the trail.

Allan Tannock Weir

The Allan Tannock Weir is situated on the Warrego River, 5kms south of Cunnamulla.  There are walking trails here and is a nice place to see wildlife and birdlife as well as a great place for a range of water activities such as kayaking, swimming and fishing.

If you have the time, it’s an excellent place for a family picnic or a BBQ.

Location: Weir Road, Cunnamulla

Opening Hours: Always

Price: Free

Take the Warrego River Walk

At least one night while you’re in town, take the River Walk at sunset.  The dirt track is just a 2.5km walk, and it’s a beautiful way to see the sky change colours – there is an even a sunset viewing deck.  The walk takes you across the flood plains and through the channels.  Along the walk are a range of displays providing information about the wildlife and flora in the area.

If you don’t have an evening free, it’s still worthwhile checking out during the day.  

To reach the Warrego River Walk cross the Darby land bridge across the river and you’ll find the walk on your left.

Location: Just west of the town on Bulloo Development Road.

Opening Hours: Always

Price: Free

Cunnamulla Bushlands

Just as you enter Cunnamulla from the east, you’ll find the Cunnamulla Bushlands, a site spanning some 6kms.  The bushlands are a great place to come to see some of the local ecosystems, flora and local wildlife.

The best way to enjoy the bushlands is to take the 1.6km trail which takes you along a flowing waterway and ends in the wetlands.  If you can, stay until after sunset where you’ll be rewarded with seeing kangaroos coming to the waterhole for a drink and if you’re fortunate maybe even an emu too!  

Location: Mitchell Highway – just east of Mary Street

Opening Hours: Always

Price: Free

Cunnamulla Sand Dunes

One of the super cool things to check out in Cunnamulla is the amazing naturally formed sandhills.  There are some basic tracks carved out into the landscape, and then you can climb to the top of the dunes for a great view of the entire town.  While we were exploring the area, we even came across two very curious kangaroos and loads of emu tracks.

If you’re super keen, you can either hire yourself a board, climb one of the dunes and cruise your way back down again.

Location: Very end of Watson Street, just next to the Cunnamulla Tourist Park

Opening Hours: Always

Price: Free

Bowra Wildlife Sanctuary

Bowra Wildlife Sanctuary is said to be one of the best places in all of Australia for birdwatching.  This is a 14,000 hectare site which lies in the Mulga Lands and is home to more than 200 different bird species.  Birds you’ll find here include Hall’s babbler, the Chestnut-breasted quail, Bourke’s parrot and the black falcon.

The Bowra Wildlife Sanctuary is just 15km from Cunnamulla.  You can even camp here if you like.

Charlotte Plains Station

Visit Charlotte Plains Station – a real life working sheep and cattle.  The main attraction here is the 1890s station bore pond.  Visitors love to soak in the tubs filled with the natural Artesian water – they make a great posse for watching the sunset.

Charlotte Plains Station is also an excellent place for spotting birdlife, wildlife as well as take part in a history tour around the property or even participate in station activities.

We were supposed to go here during our time in Cunnamulla, but unfortunately due to some previous wet weather, all the roads into the station were closed.  Oh well – next time.

Day visitors are welcomed or better yet stay a night or two.  Accommodation, as well as campsites are available.

Things to do in Eulo

Not too far from the town of Cunnamulla is the small town of Eulo and well worth a day trip or even a night while you’re in the region.  Eulo is said to be the “Montville of the Outback” (I didn’t quite get this nor did I see the resemblance) and this one pub, one general store town, is better known for its opals and mud baths.

Eulo Artesian Mud Springs

While the entire region is part of the Great Artesian Basin, in Eulo the water gets a bit muddier.   Here the underground pressure from the basin has forced old mud up through fissures which have resulted in the Eulo Artesian Mud Springs.  This mud is said to be 20,000 years old and is rich in Silica, Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium, Iron and Zinc.

Be sure to stop in and have a quick look at the Mud Springs on your way in or way of Eulo.

Location: Adventure Way – 9kms west of Eulo

Opening Hours: Always – but best during daylight

Price: Free

Eulo Mud Baths

A great way to experience the mud springs is by having a mud bath at the Eulo Mud Baths.  The milky mud is drawn fresh from the ancient springs and pumped into the outdoor claw footed baths.  

The baths are set in open air rooms, surrounded by stunning bushland and there are several different rooms to choose from including single baths or larger baths perfect for couples or parents with little children.  As you soak in the mud, you’ll be served wine and nibbles.  What a way to be pampered!

You can experience the mud baths night or day, and having a good ole soak under the night sky or as the sunsets is one of the most popular times.

Unfortuantely the mud baths were closed at the time we were passing through so we couldn’t get to enjoy this wonderful experience.

Location: 67kms west of Cunnamulla along the Adventure Highway

Opening Hours: Varies best to check directly

Price: Varies depends on the experience you book.

The General Store

One of the most popular businesses in town is the General Store.  Established in the 1880s, this old store sells pretty much everything, including petrol, groceries, jewellery, furniture and more.

There are a few interesting things to check out here including the store’s collection of megafauna fossils, the flood truck which was modified to be able to deliver goods and carry people through floodwaters and the WWII Air Raid Shelter which was built to protect locals in case of an attack by the Japanese.

Location: Leo Street, Eulo

Opening Hours: Weekdays from 8 am to 5 pm and Weekends from 9 am to 4 pm

Price: Free

Eulo Queen Hotel

Once one of three hotels that stood in Eulo when opal mining was at its peak, the Eulo Queen Hotel is now the only hotel in town.  The hotel is named after Isabel Gray, who in the 1880s was the thrice married pub owner, storekeeper and opal trader.  This extremely successful businesswoman referred to herself as the Eulo Queen.

Today visitors come to Eulo Queen Hotel to taste their Eulo Queen Special Sausages which is the pub’s signature dish.  Also while you’re there, be sure to read some of the clippings about the Eulo Queen which are on the walls.

If you’re staying in Eulo, there is a caravan park here as well as cabins.

Location: 7 Leo Street, Eulo

Opening Hours: Varies best to check directly

Eulo Heritage Trail

Learn about the old Eulo days while walking the Eulo Heritage Trail.  Along the trail you’ll learn about how a police station was opened specifically to deal with the troublemakers coming from New South Wales, see the cemetery, the old horse race track, numerous old buildings, Chinaman’s Garden as well as hear how the Eulo Queen reigned supreme.  Also check out the megafauna statue of a diprotodon which is a reminder of the giant wombat like creature that once roamed the earth.

Grab a map from the Cunnamulla Visitor Centre or one of the businesses in Eulo.

Eulo Belle Arts & Opal Gallery (Eulo Queen Opal Centre)

To purchase locally sourced opals, visit the Eulo Bells Arts and Opal Gallery.  Here you can also sample local honey products, see Aboriginal Art as well as buy other locally made produce.

Location: Leo Street, Eulo

Opening Hours: Varies

Things to do in Wyandra

Things to do in Wyandra

If you’re driving to Cunnamulla from Charleville (or vice versa) do yourself a favour and have a stop in the town of Wyandra.  This small town of just over 100 people is 100km north of Cunnamulla and started as a railway settlement.  Today it is a great little town to explore with its great old buildings and popular Wyandra Beach.

Wyandra Beach

Things to do in Wyandra

During the warmer months, stop off in Wyandra for a swim at Wyandra Beach.  The beach is situated on the western bank of the Warrego River, where you’ll find a great sandy area along the water, making it a good spot for a swim.  

The location is also a popular spot for fishing, picnics and bushwalking. 

Location: Mount Aflread Road – just over the river to the left as you come from town.

Heritage Trail

While you’re in town take the Heritage Trail, where you can admire some old buildings from the boom period.  It’s also a great way to learn all about the once thriving little town.  The trail includes Edmund Kennedy’s Camp 18 and follows the river to the ‘beach’. 

Grab yourself a map from the Charleville or Cunnamulla Information Centre or one of the local businesses in Wyandra.

Gladstone Hotel

Things to do in Wyandra

Also simply referred to as the Wyandra Pub, the Gladstone Hotel is the only remaining hotel standing in the town. 

We stopped in here for lunch on the drive from Charleville to Cunnamulla and were warmly welcomed by the owners.  We had a delicious lunch and a nice cuddle with the publican who is actually a small dog!

Location: 21 Railway Street, Wyndara

Opening Hours: Varies

Our 2 Day Cunnamulla Itinerary

To see how we spent our 2 nights and 2 days in Cunnamulla- click here.  This will take you to our detailed itinerary which shows you day by day how we spent 2 weeks touring outback Queensland which included the Natural Sciences Loop.

Cunnamulla Accommodation – Where to Stay

When it comes to the accommodation Cunnamulla offers, all types are covered including motels, cabins and sites for camping.  Below I’ve listed a range of options for accommodation in Cunnamulla well suited to families and other types of travellers, including Cunnamulla Caravan Park options and Cunnamulla motels.

Cunnamulla Caravan Park Options

When it comes to caravan parks, Cunnamulla has some great options well suited to campers with tents and vans as well as accommodation for those who prefer to stay in cabins.  Below I’ve listed three different options to consider.

Cunnamulla Tourist Park

While we were in town, we stayed at the Cunnamulla Tourist Park, which we can highly recommend.  You can read our full review here and see the short video we put together here.

Located not far from the centre of town, the Cunnamulla Tourist Park offers a range of great options for family’s staying in town.  The park provides powered caravan and tent sites, as well as several self contained cabins which are suitable for couples to families.

Facilities onsite include two camp kitchens, 2 bathroom blocks, a dump point, BBQ areas, coin operated laundry facilities and pets are welcome on sites.

Location: 65 Watson Street, Cunnamulla

Cunnamulla Riverside Tourist Park (Warrego Riverside Tourist Park)

The Cunnamulla Riverside Tourist Park also called the Warrego Riverside Tourist Park, is located a few km out of town along the Warrego River.  Their claim to fame is being the only outback park with absolute water frontage.  The park offers a range of different sites including powered and unpowered.  There are no cabins on site.

Facilities on site include an amenities block, camp kitchen and an entertainment area.

Location: 322 Weir Road, Cunnamulla

Cunnamulla Cabins and Caravan Park

Cunnamulla Cabins and Caravan Park is located a short drive from the centre of town and offers a range of great options for families including powered sites as well as cabins. 

Site options include power, ensuites and there is also the option to camp without any amenities.   There is a wide range of different cabins, including simple budget rooms or motel style rooms including tea and coffee making facilities as well as self contained cabins for families.

Facilities onsite include a camp kitchen, bbq area and a fire pit.

Location: 79 Emma Street, Cunnamulla

Cunnamulla Motels

If you prefer motel style accommodation, below, I’ve listed three different options that are well suited to families and other types of travellers.

Billabong Hotel Cunnamulla

Just outside the centre of town, the Billabong Hotel offers budget accommodation for those looking for motel style accommodation.  The hotel has 12 rooms ranging from singles, triple (double and single bed) or a family room which includes a double bed and bunk beds.  All rooms come with an ensuite, desk, fridge, TV, patio with outdoor furniture, tea and coffee making facilities and wifi.

On site facilities include a bistro, bar, BBQ area, children’s play area, laundry and pool table. 

Location:5 Murray Street, Cunnamulla

Click here to check current rates and availability.

Warrego Hotel Cunnamulla

Located in the centre of town, the Warrego Hotel is conveniently located a short walk to the visitor centre and cafes.  The hotel offers a range of different room types including motel style rooms, cabins and a two bedroom unit.  Most rooms regardless of type, come either as a twin or double, while the two bedroom unit comes as a triple.  All of the rooms come with amenities such as an ensuite bathroom, AC, TV, toaster, kettle, and some rooms have a microwave.

On site facilities include a restaurant, bar and a laundry.

Location: 9 Louise Street, Cunnamulla

Click here to check current rates and availability.

Club Boutique Hotel

Also located in the centre of town, Club Boutique Hotel is conveniently located a short walk to the visitor centre and cafes.  The hotel offers a range of different room types, including motel style rooms, budget rooms with shared bathroom facilities and family rooms.  There is also the option of glamping from April to November. 

Most rooms regardless of type, come as a double although the family rooms can sleep up to 5 people.   All of the rooms come with amenities such as a private bathroom, AC, TV, tea and coffee making facilities.  Family rooms also have a spacious living area.

On site facilities include a cafe and restaurant. 

Location: Corner of Louise and Stockyard Streets, Cunnamulla

Click here to check current rates and availability.

Cunnamulla – Our Verdict

We honestly had no idea what to expect when coming to Cunnamulla as we had not heard too much about it before.  We didn’t find a huge amount of things to do in town and probably could have seen the highlights within a day – however places such as the bushland, Allan Tannock Weir and the Warrego River Walk really took us by surprise.  These areas had some beautiful birdlife and the natural landscapes made for a beautiful spot to visit.  If we had longer, these places would have been lovely for a picnic.

If you’re doing the Natural Sciences Loop, Cunnamulla makes for a great one night stop.  

Prior to Cunnamulla we spent a few days in Charleville (read our guide here) and then from here went to Yowah and then Thargomindah (read our guide here).


Hopefully you found this guide to Cunnamulla and the nearby area helpful and it has inspired you to take your kids for a visit.  Don’t forget to check out our full South West Outback Queensland itinerary here and you can also find all our Outback Queensland content here.

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