The Best Kids Ride-On Luggage – 2024

Kids ride on luggage – I’m sure you’ve all seen them whether it’s on TV, the internet or perhaps even at the airport – kids whizzing by as their parents pull them along on rideable luggage. 

I’m going to be completely honest with you, I’m not a fan of the rideable suitcase and would rather a backpack any day.  However, given the popularity of the kids ride on suitcase, and as many of you have asked for my suggestion for the best children’s ride-on suitcase, I thought it was about time I looked at them a little closer.

So I’ve taken the time to look into all the best rideable suitcase options there are out there for kids, looking at the pros and cons and compiled this guide to help you choose the best children’s ride-on luggage.

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What is kids ride on luggage anyway

Basically, a ride-on suitcase for toddlers (or slightly older children) is a standard suitcase made from durable, sturdy material and has a child’s seat built into it, so young children can sit on it and be pulled along by a parent. 

While I’m not overly sold on the idea – I do get it – kids complain about walking etc etc – but isn’t that what a pram is for?  Anyway, I decided to look closely at the pros and cons of ride on luggage, and this is what I came up with: 


  • Given they are a suitcase you can ride, kids don’t have to walk long distances through airports;
  • With luggage the kids can ride, there is no need to bring a pram for long distances through airports; and
  • A suitcase you can ride-on, is a lot of fun for kids.


  • Luggage you can ride-on doesn’t altogether avoid the need to take a pram as you will still need a pram for day trips at your destination;
  • Ride-on children’s luggage tends to be heavier than standard luggage; and
  • If not appropriately used, a ride-along suitcase can be dangerous.

If the advantages for a ride-on case outweigh the disadvantages for you, keep reading! 

If however you’re like me and want to stick to traditional luggage options, click here to check out our recommendations for a range of children’s luggage options. 

Best kids ride on suitcase: Trunki Ride On Suitcase

Don’t have time to read the complete guide to ride-on luggage for toddlers and older kids?  If you want my recommendation for a kids sit-on suitcase then I recommend the Trunki ride-on suitcase.

The Trunki suitcase is a compact and lightweight ride-on suitcase that no doubt your children will just love! There is plenty of space for all your child’s belongings, and it comes in 7 different colour and design options. You are sure to find one that your child will love, and they will be more than happy to carry their bag around!

Check out my full review on the kids Trunki ride on luggage below or click here to buy now.

Comparison chart for best children’s ride-on luggage 2024

Check below for a quick overview of the various kids ride on case options reviewed in this guide.

ProductCapacityWeightAgeCheck Price
18L1.48kgUp to 50kgsCheck Price
28L2.9kg3-8 yearsCheck Price
18L1.88kg3-8 yearsCheck Price
25L3kg4-8 yearsCheck Price
Baby Joy
25L2.5kgUp to 50kgsCheck Price
PUQU Monster Truck
18L2.6kgUp to 20kgsCheck Price
Shaun the Sheep
14L1.65kgUp to 25kgsCheck Price
Baby Joy
18L3.5kgUp to 45kgsCheck Price
Lugabug Chair
NA540gUp to 27kgsCheck Price
25L3kg3-8 yearsCheck Price

Things to consider when buying kids rideable luggage

Like any luggage, there is no one best ride-on suitcase for everyone.  Before purchasing kids sit on luggage, consider the following factors.

Age and weight restrictions

Perhaps the first thing you need to consider is how old and how heavy your child is.  All of the suitcases that you can ride-on have weight restrictions as well as a suggested age range that is appropriate.  Perhaps your child is just a toddler, or maybe you’re looking at a ride-on suitcase for 7-year-old?

To ensure your child’s safety, always follow the product guidelines in terms of age and weight restrictions and ensure your child is capable of safely riding the luggage.

Size and weight

One of the main reasons I’m not a fan of ride-on travel bags is that in terms of their capacity capabilities, they are much heavier than traditional bags.  I mean they have to be, as they need to be firm for the child to ride them safely.  Given we travel light, we simply don’t have kilograms to give away for this.

However, if you’re checking-in luggage and merely looking for a ride-on carry-on, and something you can store all the onboard essentials, then they do make sense as they also provide a fun option for getting your child around the airport.

Although, even if you are looking for ride-on carry on luggage, airlines are strict with their hand luggage requirements, so it’s still essential to check the size and weight of your desired rideable carry on luggage before purchasing to ensure it fits your needs.

For your convenience, I’ve included the size and weight of all the children’s sit on suitcase options in this guide in the above comparison table. 

Carry handles 

Given you are still going to have to carry a ride and roll suitcase at some stage, having a way to carry it easily is essential.  Look for children’s ride along suitcase options with nice big carry handles that will allow you to put it over your shoulder or even super large carry straps that will enable you to put it across your body messenger bag style.

The Best Children’s Ride-On Suitcase 2024 Reviews

Trunki Ride on Suitcase

The world’s most well-known kids ride along suitcase is the Trunki! Coming in loads of different bright and colourful designs there’s bound to be the perfect Trunki for your little boy or girl.

With a capacity of 18 litres, it is one of the smaller size ride-on travel suitcases.  However, this kids ride-on bag is lightweight weighing in at only 1.4 kg, which means you’re not wasting precious kilos on the case itself.  The case still has plenty of space for all your child’s belongings and is the perfect size for a carry-on.

The Trunki is designed to be ridden by children from 3 years (although in Trunki reviews customers have reported their children were riding them from age 2) and over, up to a generous weight limit of 50 kilograms.  No doubt your child’s legs will become too long to ride this case well before they hit the 50 kg mark.

The Trunki is designed for the child to ride themselves by holding onto the horns at the front and pushing along with their feet.  Alternatively, children can use the strap to pull it along themselves.  The pull along strap also doubles as a shoulder strap, which is excellent when it comes time for Mum or Dad to carry it.  There is also a top carry handle.

If you’re looking for top-quality luggage kids can ride on, which has been around for years and is subject to many glowing reports, you can’t go past the Trunki kid’s ride-on suitcase.

Click here to check prices and read more reviews  

Samsonsite Children’s Ride On Luggage

The Samsonite Ride on Elephant is a fun looking children’s rideable luggage bag that can be pulled along in a number of different ways. 

This children’s ride along luggage is super sturdy to hold the weight of your child and is made from high quality durable and safe materials.  The suitcase is waterproof and wear-resistant, so you know everything inside will be kept secure and protected. 

Weighing 2.9kgs, it is still possible to carry it if your little one gets bored of riding. The top open lid gives easy access to belongings and the crossover straps make sure everything stays organised. The front swivel wheels also make for easy steering and great maneuverability.

The best thing about this ride on luggage is the fact that it can be carried multiple ways, kids can ride or pull it along using the tug handle and if they get tired, adults can stand it up on its end and pull it along behind like a standard suitcase.

So if you are looking for a ride-on cabin bag for your child to make getting through the airport easier, then definitely have a look at this one.

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N/C Kids Ride On Luggage

If you aren’t sure about kids ride on hand luggage but want to give it a go without spending too much money, then the N/C Kids Ride On Luggage is an excellent choice for cheap ride-on suitcases, one of the most inexpensive in our reviews.

This ride-on luggage bag is great for particularly young children, with its cute animal design. They can ride on it while being pulled along or push themselves with their feet. When they tire of that, they can tug it along using the pull strap which also doubles as a shoulder strap for parents to carry the case. Additionally, there is a grab and go carry handle on top of the case.

This case weighs in at less than 2kg, but there is still plenty of room for all your child’s necessities. There are crossover straps on one side to keep things in place, and the opposite section is fully zippered to keep things separate and, finally, a small zip pocket for valuables.

Other features of this bag include convenient footrests, front swivel wheels for easy turning and handy little grips to hold onto.

This would be an excellent kiddie ride-on suitcase to start with to get a feel of if they are going to work for your family and if you need to invest in a strong quality one.

Click here to check prices and to read more reviews.

ZincFlyte Kids Luggage

Scooter luggage bags are also becoming super popular, not only with kids for being a fun luggage option but also with parents as they don’t have to carry their kid’s bags around.

The ZincFlyte Kids Luggage bag is a super stylish and fun children’s scooter suitcase that can carry up to 25 litres of luggage and comes in a range of different designs, so you’re sure to find a design your child loves.

The bag itself weighs 3kgs so it isn’t too heavy to lift in and out of the car or if Mum or Dad do have to carry it for a while.

The build of this ride on luggage bag is sturdy, but the bag compartment is squishy and has a soft, bouncy surface to help resist impact.

The scooter deck folds away and locks in place and then it is compact enough to be stored away in the overhead compartment.  

Other great features of this scooter suitcase are the stable steering system so your child will be able to manoeuvre it well and be as safe as possible while riding it and the inner pockets and straps to help keep all the luggage in place while it is being ridden.

So if you are looking for a scooter suitcase kids, then definitely check out this one.

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Baby Joy Ride On Suitcase Scooter


The Baby Joy Ride on Suitcase Scooter kids ride-on travel case is a really unique little case that kids will love to help them get around at the airport.

This case can be pulled along behind like a regular suitcase but when your little one gets tired, they can click out the scooter deck and use the bag as a three wheeled scooter with the bag attached to the front.

The scooter is made from lightweight yet durable aluminium, and the case is a hardshell design that is knock and scratch resistant. The 3-wheel design and built in brake system add to the stability and safety of the scooter. 

This suitcase is available in four adorable designs, and has an internal zippered pocket for added organisation and crossover straps to keep everything in place.

Other great features of this ride-on luggage include the multi coloured light up wheels, comfortable soft grip handles and shock resistant wheels that are even great on rougher surfaces.

So, if you are looking at children’s ride-on cases for older kids who want to be a bit more mobile, take a look at this unique scooter luggage option.

Click here to check prices and to read more reviews. 

PUQU Monster Truck

Check out the PUQU Monster Truck for how fun it looks – your child will surely love this one! Kids ride-on travel bags are always more appealing to children if they look cool, and they are more likely to carry their bag if they love it. 

Available in blue or yellow, this 18-litre capacity truck style children’s ride-on hand luggage is big enough to hold their toys, clothes and other items that keep them occupied while you are on your travels. The actual luggage itself only weighs 2.6 kg, so it isn’t too heavy for you to carry around until your child can ride on it safely.

Your child will no doubt outgrow this case before reaching the weight limit of 20 kgs – but you will get plenty of use out of it.  Plus, your child will love playing with it even when you’re not travelling. 

Other great features of this ride on luggage are the hand strap and the shoulder strap to make carrying it more comfortable if your child decides they no longer want to be responsible for getting their own gear around.

When it comes to super cool children’s sit and ride suitcases, the PUQU Monster Truck is an awesome choice for younger kids.  

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Shaun the Sheep Kids Ride-On

Shaun the Sheep is a popular kid show and now it is also a popular kids ride on suitcase with wheels that can make your life a lot easier when travelling with kids.

This ride-on pull-along suitcase can be sat on as a ride-on seat, towed along behind your little one, or carried by the double carry handles. The multi-directional front wheels make for easy mobility, and the large fixed rear wheels add to the stability.

This ride-on luggage for children weighs 1.65 kgs and is the perfect size to store in an overhead compartment but can still carry an 14 litres.

Other great features of this luggage are the front hand-holders for the rider shaped like Shaun the sheep’s ears, the removable and adjustable tether strap and the two crossover straps to keep gear organised.

This is an excellent choice for ride-on luggage that ticks all the boxes and will be an even bigger hit if your child is a fan of Shaun the Sheep.

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Baby Joy Ride On Suitcase


No wonder little ones love luggage that you ride when they have super adorable designs like the Baby Joy Ride on Suitcase.

This suitcase comes in a really cute bumblebee design and provides children with the option of either riding it or pulling it behind them.  They can even use it as a place to sit while waiting in busy airport queues.  Weighing only 2.5 kg, this suitcase is lightweight enough for youngsters, yet there is plenty of space inside for your child to pack away everything they need while travelling.  

One of the best things about this case is that it also comes with a matching suitcase making this a really useful luggage set for kids who have a lot of gear to travel with.

Other great features of this ride-on luggage are the lock to make sure nothing falls out, a dual-purpose strap that allows you to pull it or carry it, a spacious zip compartment and crossover straps to keep things organised.

The Baby Joy Ride On is an excellent ride on luggage option that no doubt your child will just love to use.

Click here to check prices and to read more reviews.

Lugabug Child Travel Chair

The Lugabug Child Travel Chair is a great solution for travelling with tired toddlers when you aren’t going to be taking a pram with you.

This seat turns any standard sized suitcase into a ride around suitcase and you can have your toddler safely strapped in with the adjustable lap strap. The comfortable seat provides them with maximum comfort, which is especially important if they are going to be tired after walking around airports.

It is suitable for kids aged 2 years and up and has been safety tested to hold 27 kg of weight but remember, the older and heavier they are, the heavier the weight is going to be for you to have to pull.

It literally takes seconds to clip this seat to your suitcase and when not in use it folds up neatly to the side of your case without sticking out and hardly adding any extra weight as it only weighs 540g.

This is an excellent choice for a family that does a lot of travel on planes, and your child is not quite old enough for their own ride-on suitcase.

Click here to check prices and to read more reviews.

OOPS Kids Luggage Ride-On

The OOPS ride on luggage is a super cute ride on luggage option available in two different designs.

This ride-on luggage bag is built with lightweight and durable plastic and the bag itself only weighs 3 kg, so it isn’t very heavy if you do end up having to carry it for part of your travels.  

Other features of this carry-on bag are angled and extendable pull handles that double as handles for your little one, a removable strap for pulling the bag along, 360 degree swivel wheels for easy maneuvering and footrests.

This is an excellent option for young children who don’t need to pack too much of their own luggage but will find it fun to carry or push their own bag around with this ride-on luggage case.

Click here to check prices and to read more reviews.

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